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Monday's just keep coming around, don't they? No matter how far I try to get away from one of them, next thing you know another Monday comes around and smacks me in the head. I know that what goes around comes around but on days like these I wonder sometimes if I'm coming or going and everything just goes 'round and 'round and 'round.

Sometimes I can't tell if I spend the weekends recovering from a hard week, or spend my week recovering from a hard week-end, but I suppose that as long as I keep living hard and pushing out all the edges and filling all the corners then I'm doing what I can, and who cares if the paint drips into my hair and onto the hardwood floors and the bricks piled up in the alley out back.

Of course, digging through photo galleries to share with you isn't exactly torture, is it? I think, more than anything else, it's my masochistic drive to try to quit caffeine that's messing with my mind and preventing me from making sense. At this point I'm just figuring that if I can stay awake and alert enough to finish this post, I'll be ok.

So, as soon as I dro ................. sorry, nodded off there for a sec. Where was I? Right, I was trying to find a way to lead into the pics and rooting around in my desk drawer trying to find some damn Tylenol. I know there was some in there last week, but a thieving little flubber keeps bouncing around the office and rearranging our shit. Fkuc. I keep trying to get rid of him, but the rest of the crew here seem to think that he's some kind of cute little mascot. I keep trying to tell 'em, but....

Pics. Right. Hot pics of naked chics. Yeah, man, I got this. Good ones too. Big boobies. Click on 'em to make 'em bigger (the pics, not the boobies although, who knows, that might work too...)

And really, if I want to give you the goods, why aim lower than the top? It's a rough Monday so today I'm throwing at you probably the biggest pornstars in the biz today. None other than the one and only Nikki Benz!

Sing along with me everybody: "Oh laaaawwwd, won't you give me a night with Nikki Benz? My friends all bang Porsche, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends, so lawwwwwd won't you let me bang Nikki Benz?"

And that's all the off-key singing I've got in me for today. I'll be back tomorrow and, until then, be good to each other.

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7 years ago
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