7 years ago

Oh, but the months passed slowly. We hid ourselves away, wrapped in the cold comfort company of electric heaters and dreams of sandy beaches. We carved notches on the walls to count the passing of our winter hibernation. But warmer weather, our parole, is at the station. It's getting on the train and coming home to throw open the doors of our isolation and toss us back into the streets.

It is time, my ladies and gentlemen, my friends and lovers -- time to make orphans of our hats, our coats, our scarves. The gyms are filling with the hip cats and groovy girls looking to lose those winter pounds. The bars are ready to ignore their doors and move their chairs and tables to the sidewalks. But be warned: these glorious days to come have a side-effect far more serious than the smell of melting doggy poo. The sun at whose coming we celebrate brings with it an infectious madness we all are likely to catch. A delirium. A fever so contagious it will likely clutch the whole of the city in its grasp... Spring Fever.

Soon even I will be unable to resist the call of the outdoors and the shedding of clothes and inhibitions in equal measure. I will succumb to the fever cured only by human contact; the pressing of skin against skin, the mixing of sweat as flesh meets flesh and grinds one into the other. I will delight in my delirium until mercilessly cured. But do not despair for me, oh faithful reader. With any luck, you too will be caught in the grasp of this dementia, raving in lunacy so sweet that even words like "frolic" are insufficient.

So, in honor of the warmer weather, a truly hot girl (one of my all time faves, actually) shedding her clothes and getting natural in nature. Tawny Roberts is truly one of a kind and i can't think of anyone I'd rather see usher in the new season. Enjoy!

As well, Pornhub will soon probably be launching a Spring related contest with cool prizes and giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I'll read you all again tomorrow. Now go get busy getting busy!
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7 years ago
hot reaallyy
7 years ago
she has the tighest ass hole id love to lick then fuck it and then it be changed to be more gaping
7 years ago
i wanna kiss her pussy!!!
7 years ago
such a fuckin hot goddess. i want to fuck her so hard
7 years ago
nice thats it NICE
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