7 years ago

Alright, well I told you all on Friday to keep your eyes peeled for a new contest heading your way and here it is: The Great Pornhub Spring Challenge!

We all love this season, and we here at Pornhub love all of you. So we put our heads together and tried to find a way to make the most of this most passionate season and our most passionate members. Basically, what it boils down to is that it's Spring, and we wanna give you guys free stuff...

Pornhub GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, in fact, we have had shirts, caps, and even... PANTIES made for the occasion!

Of course, we can't just go giving this stuff away to just anybody, so who are the most Pornhub passionate users??? That's where the contest will help us figure this all out...

Here's all you have to do to win a FREE piece of Pornhub GEAR: who out there can come up the most interesting, original and exxxciting Spring Vid or Pic?? And since Spring is all about sharing the love, anybody who participates will receive some kind of great gear absolutely free. Just submit to us your best Spring vids and pics. But remember:

- The pic or the vid has to be Amateur. Dont hesitate to use yourselves or/and your friends/partners as models or actors!!

-BE CREATIVE!!! Think strip, tease, sexy, flowers, the sun , outdoors, green... Anything that relates to Spring in a hot, sexy way

We are giving you guys 1 week starting from RIGHT NOW to come up with an original Spring vid or pic.

-Please write on the blog that you have uploaded a challenge Pic or Vid so that we can
add them all up.

Of course: the community will decide which vid and pic is the sexiest, naughtiest, "SPRINGIEST" one of them all. And that lucky person will win the Super Duper Pornhub Deluxe Prize Package!!!!

Good luck, and Have Fun!

The Pornhub Team!

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6 years ago
well cant see any thing????????
7 years ago
i dont care about this thing im logging offfff
7 years ago
can i know whare are u? can we make some deal....huuuu u look so horney
7 years ago
the winners were never posted, have you guys decided yet??
7 years ago
Nice slut
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