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4 years ago

Ladies and Gentlemen!

There is exciting changes going on within the Pornhub community and I wanted to take this opportunity to keep everyone in the loop!

My name is Jordan and I wanted to introduce myself as the new Pornhub Ambassador. I am incredibly grateful to have been selected to fill the boots of Jake who has recently taken a career advancement. I've been a HUGE fan of Pornhub previous to my taking this position, needless to say I'm thrilled to be connecting with you folks. Most importantly I'm excited to be a part of the Pornhub community and taking it to the next level.

As you all know we are on the verge of releasing the updated Pornhub layout. I'm a lucky lady and have gotten a sneak peak, must say, I'm pumped about what I see and optimistic about its overall release. Wanted to remind the Phub Posse that ANY feedback/questions/comments are more than welcome and would greatly aid us in making this the sexiest/most successful adult entertainment community on the web.

Happy to be here.


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  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago
    jordan is nicer than jake,because jake never respected the voters in the polls he made a while ago,more than 90 or 95% of people wanted to site to be videos only,some people accused the poll being manipulated without proof but the buttom line is,nothing was added or changed to the site,so people voted for nothing.
    its easier to share photos than videos,cause its quicker,but they needed to respect the majority of voters
  • Bossedup 4 years ago
    Im Sorry, but what does P.O.V stand for?
  • fordf1001979 4 years ago
    hi me and the wife are looken to find some fun if u think you can help please let us know
  • Jordan_Pornhub 4 years ago
    @Doineedone - Yes absolutely!! nope all community memberships are free and unless you'd like hd quality movies (which is a little extra). But yes, all free!


  • DoINeedOne 4 years ago
    Can you email other members on here? If so, how and do you have be a paying member? Thx for ur help!
  • natekenney 4 years ago
    That's what I call it!
  • alamem 4 years ago
    welcome on board
  • alamem 4 years ago
    Hey Jordan, welcome on board.
  • gatsey 4 years ago
    web layout looks very good but i cannot seem to get the option of selecting how far i want to look back (all time, one month, one week, tody) when i choose top rated, most viewed or most discussed.
  • Jordan_Pornhub 4 years ago
    Hey Guys!! :)

    All the feedback is greatly appreciated! The new layout is something which we are going to be constantly building off of and improving so please bear with us ;). In regards to the sorting of your friends by recently logged in and online is now part of the new layout and will be working again shortly. Thanks for the warm welcome ladys and gentlemen once again, stoked to be here
  • quack_duck 4 years ago
    Where did the "homemade"/"professional" section go? Is that link still here, but I just can't find it?
  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago
    This may be displayed twice as my recent post here seems to have disappeared.
    1. Where is the 'recent logged-in' button on friend page list ? It was really useful
    2. On some profiles connections page it still displays identical subscriptions and subscribers lists.
    3. the ubiquitous carlforrest is still about on certain profiles when clicking users connections button
    But finally I see that charset=UTF-8 ... at last ! ... woot !!
  • wetfinger 4 years ago
    i agree cant find friends as easy now missing the recently logged on button.. as i mostly on here to chat and share.. with other memebers... hope it gets fixed soon apart from that looking good and running smooth.. good job
  • Verified Member
    dispinma 4 years ago
    yeh look the more i use it the less i like it... the old layout had everything on 1 page... not tabs.. changing tabs for profile info, piks, then back to info... before u scolled up and down it was much easier.. plus i know its proberly a glitch BUT i keep clicking photos on half the pages and i keep getting directed to some account i dont even hav on my friends... i duno... i hope it gets better guys - love the look of it but not the usage
  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago
    Hi Jordan Goodluck in your new post!!! Feedback on the new lay out... Love the new set up but i miss the recently logged on bit... I now cannot find out who of my friends are online without going on to each profile!!! :(
  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago
    agree with dispinma very annoying but lay outs coool gd work
  • hornycouple517 4 years ago
    the layout is ok just wish the profile page was the same with everything on one page
  • Verified Member
    dispinma 4 years ago
    im very much liking the new layout but when i go 2 my friends page there is no way to c recently logged in or recent users... this definitely needs 2 b fixed
  • boyroy 4 years ago
    hi :)

    Maybe its a good idea to release the new layout somewhere first so the users can test it too and give feedback before rolling it out the entire site?
    Just an idea :)
  • chimpoatama 4 years ago
    A warm welcome to you Jordan, I am third in line here....Sandy, Mizz Sol and I have been here for 18-19 months, so we know how great this site was....
  • gypsyroze 4 years ago
    well done and best of luck jordan, i'm sure you will improve an excellent site
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