5 years ago

It's FINALLY here!! I've been biting my tongue over this launch for months!! Announcing the opening of the official Pornhub Store!! Gotta confess there have been slight amounts of drooling on my end as to what item I'll pick up first. With a Men's, Woman's, and Accessories section and items starting at $4.99 there's something to give everyone Woodies and Wetties. Even....dog sweaters!? (arf).

Take your pride for incredible free porn and all things Pornhub to the next level! As always we love your Feedback so if you've got any questions, comments etc. Lay it on me.

MY Top 3 Favorite Pieces?

Gotta be This Super cute Womans Hoodie in black, functional AND cute? Yes please!

Any chicks out there can probably relate to my love for Booty shorts . Sexy, comfortable and I swear to god these babies make EVERYONE'S ass look good!!

Last but not least my third favorite is this 2Black Scoop Neck T-shirt . I totally dig the cut and shape of the shirt! (plus I'm a sucker for black)I can totally dress this baby up or down!

Hope your well


Jordan_ Ponhub

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5 years ago
Small Dog T-Shirt and Small Buttons,I dont thing thats going to sale,t-shirts and hats are a good thing,and thongs and underware for women.
what would be great is to have humour on t-shirts,like what i said under,( proud to be a porn addict )
you should make a blog about ideas for humour lines on t-shirts,thats what i would do
5 years ago
i specifically love you presentation of dog sweaters:-)
5 years ago
deaddoe - whoa. Thanks for the feedback. Your totally right, We are selling our products through a larger company and they only make clothing up to certain sizes. I'll definitely pass this on as you've got a great point.

mrmojorisin yoyoyo!! Nice send me a pic of that shit!! Meowww

thc420 I'm looking into this for you. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
5 years ago
pornhub turtle neck =GOLD lol
5 years ago
and they come exclusively autographed by me good buy;)
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