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You know what I love in life? Easy stuff. Like 15 second microwave bacon, picture books or my personal favorite, receiving head. Another thing I love is porn, good porn at that and lot's of it. Considering I spend more time on Pornhub then in any other area of my life means I ESPECIALLY like Pornhub to be easy.

I'm the grateful recipient of daily feedback from Pornhub Community members, Tweeps (i.e Twitter followers) friends and coworkers. I make sure to document all of your constructive criticism which over the last week has especially come in handy. I'm currently reviewing our community here at Pornhub and evaluating what features can be added or changed so that it's as user friendly (i.e. me friendly and you friendly) as possible. I want to take this opportunity to ask for your help in deciding what sexy, useful or different features should be added to our community. ANY suggestions or feedback folks? Lay it on me.

Looking to make the hottest Porn site even hotter!!


Jordan Pornhub

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6 years ago
poop goes through the asshole lol, i guess i stretched asshole is not not sexy lol, it is ery similar to two girls one cup lol, after i heard a story about a pornstars asshole falling out, it just grossed me out even more lol
6 years ago
I really can not comment. I am new to this site.
6 years ago
customizations would be cool, but too much customizations would ruin the mystic of pornhub lol, people would type in pink, and have a pink background, closing the page or window? the window close makes since people never log out,and you will still think they are logged in yes i have incredble ideas lol you can get spell checker with firefox, i like pornhub because its easy to use lol
6 years ago
I definitely think that a chat program is missing. Now there are 2 things that can be done where I think it would be effective. 1. set up chat rooms where everyone that wants to chat can go (categorized by topics and groups). 2. have an instant messenger set up that can be used privately by 2 individuals or more (that way you can have 3 or 4 people talk privately). This will allow people to watch porn and talk to each other much more effectively.

By adding the greater communication aspect to the best porn videos available, you are making a network that can't really be rivaled with. I've been on all kinds of sites and none have been able to effectively do this. Mainly because they have the opposite approach: They start with the chat rooms as the basis and add the porn videos and cam2cam chats after.
6 years ago
OMG a Jordan Emoticon? That hilarious...annnnnddd a little scary ;) @hottestshizz-est I'm constantly logged in and don't recall ever being booted off unintentionally, I'll look into this for you.I also LOVE the idea of having a chat room on our community, why have to leave the site to talk to our friends on here? As sick as I am of Facebook it's got incredible app's. chimpoatama - My views are also buggy.Been like that for a while now, I believe it's harder to fix then one would assume. I think this is something everyone would love to see working fluidly. turtles - What's wrong with a gaping asshole or two???
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