5 years ago

There has been a recent scandal regarding Arizona State University student Elizabeth Hawkenson and her Pornhub debut. I admit it, being in school is tough! Even though a gal has a scholarship, that doesn't secure her funds for shopping, drinking, traveling (all of the most important parts of the student experience). Little did Elizabeth know that the decision to spread her legs and open wide for a little extra dough would have repercussions....

Elizabeth starred in the below video for Backroom Casting Couch. When asked for Id she flipped the camera her University of Arizona student card. Seeing as she is attending on a scholarship there was mucho controversy when university board members caught wind of her video, shown below.

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Though the details of this story are mixed I have been able to confirm that Elizabeth was able to both maintain enrollment at Arizona State Univerity as well as her scholarship. Happy endings for all!! ;)

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4 years ago
i dont recall any of the scholorships i got saying what i could and couldnt do besides having my GPA above 3.5%. and 2nd how did the board find out? did the person that watch the Vid get kicked off the board. give the girl a break.
4 years ago
Yeah she is cute Lemme_see_yuh . If she's smart enough to get a scholarship then she's smart enough to make a decision about being in porn...
4 years ago
And it looked liked she got fucked by one of he father's good friend
4 years ago
hi all, am trying to view some video's, but screen stays black? what to do?
4 years ago
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