1 year ago

by: brett

We've just launched an exciting new feature: The Pornhub GIF Generator! With this new addition you'll be able to instantly make GIFs of your favorite porn moments and share them with others!

The first way to select a video is from your uploads or favorites. Choose the correct section and then navigate through them with the arrow keys.

The second way to select a video is through the URL. Simply copy and paste it into the box and click the orange 'Create GIF' button.

Select the start point for your GIF and then choose how long the GIF should be (1-10 seconds) and press the Generate GIF button.

You'll also have to pick a title for your GIF. Adding tags is optional but you can select up to 16 of those. Finally, categorize your GIF into the appropriate segment.

After the GIF Preview has loaded you can copy the share links and save the GIF to an album.

The next step is to either choose an album, or create a new one.

If you choose to create a new album you will be asked to select a title, tags, segment and privacy setting.

Now your GIF has been successfully saved to an album and you care share it with everyone! Enjoy!

Start making some cool GIFs!


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1 year ago
LOL Great idea, and thanks for the subtle bump!
1 year ago
Hahaha you caught that eh? You're welcome.
1 year ago
Brett -- the GiF feature is working. Thx. It rules, Pornhub rules and you rule. Thx again
1 year ago
It works! Awesome!!
1 year ago
Having SO much fun with this!
1 year ago
I'm sure you are, my wet little temptress :P
1 year ago
literally i love you pornhub this is so fucking good
1 year ago
06 85 07 27 65 call me baby
1 year ago
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