3 years ago

As the holidays approach, and you become more and more stressed about what to buy that special-someone in your life, just remember that Pornhub is always here to help. This is why I've compiled a list of my favorite items from the Pornhub Store that would make perfect gifts for your loved ones (maybe leave the family out of this round...)

1. The classic "I <3 Pornhub" tee. Perfect for that man in your life who is man enough to know what love really is, especially when that love is Pornhub. This t-shirt screams masculine, but hints at a softer side that a woman is sure to pick up on.

2. Ladies' thong. Buy this cozy thong for that adventurous lady in your life, the one that's always screaming "Jager-Bombs" at 3am, the one that never wears white panties, the one that never remembers the names of her one-night-stands and thinks it's funny. She'll be thrilled.

3. What better way to finish up a sex session than with a Pornhub bathrobe? Hell, you could even start with this thing on (and nothing underneath, of course). Buy two and make it his & hers and encourage the happy couple to upload a video while they’re at it ;)

4. Get this for your eco-friendly-hippie-tantric-sex-crazed friend. They can do their groceries with it, all the while promoting how dirrrty they really like getting in the kitchen.

5. If the only thing you know about someone is how much they love porn, then look no further than the Pornhub Community's MOON COUGAR shirt. This classic-cut standard weight t-shirt creatively embraces the Pornhub Networks, sites your friend certainly visits, while displaying our very own Moon Cougar jumping over the world. Try that on for size.

Hope these gave you some fresh new ideas for your XXXmas shopping!

xo Jordan

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3 years ago
Those t-shirts are cool. I would love to put my logo on then
3 years ago
yes, it is right http://www.royaldesertsafari.com
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