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1 year ago

by: Katie

If Measure B is passed it will mean that government inspectors will be sent to adult film sets to ensure that all actors are using condoms, rubber gloves, goggles and lab coats. This is a highly unnecessary measure as the industry already has frequent testing for HIV. This will only result in wasted tax payer dollars that could be much better spent elsewhere. Click here to read more about Measure B.

Many Pornstars have openly opposed Measure B, including Tori Black.

Porn fanatics we need your help to defeat Los Angeles County Measure B so that we can continue to provide you with the kind of porn that you enjoy. Register here to vote and make sure that your voice is heard.


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  • Unknown
    Unknown 1 year ago
    guess its too TABOO to talk about condoms in porn,since now its MANDATORY in L.A,too bad only l.a,wont change much,im for the safety of pornstars first,before the filth
  • Unknown
    Unknown 1 year ago
    great new,condoms are mandatory in porn,sadly only in L.A,it should be everywhere in the U.S,Canada and around the world,safety for pornstars is a most,double anal,creampies and porn acts that are meant to hurt the girls should also be illegal
  • Verified Member
    Britishman723 1 year ago
    she still turns me on
  • beans-cornbread 1 year ago
    Fuck measure B keep the porn naked and wet
  • Unknown
    Unknown 1 year ago
    when will we know if this law passes,hope it does,not only in california but all over the world,give pornstars a safe work environement
  • boyroy 1 year ago
    the /user/ part of the site seems to be down
  • Unknown
    Unknown 1 year ago
    come on!!!,who wants too see the super cutie,Tori Black getting aids or other sex deseases ?,and if porn would encourage condoms,people would also be encourage to wear them at home
  • Unknown
    Unknown 1 year ago
    for the safety out the pornstars,condoms should be mandatory,even if it sucks to see a tick rubber on the guys cock,pornstars has the right to a safe work environement too,that and double anal should have a law,do you wanna see your favorite pornstars get aids or another sex deseases ? or wear adult diapers because of double anal ?
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