2 years ago

by: Katie

Comments Have Been Totally Improved on Pornhub

Commenting has been improved to provide a better user experience site wide. You'll notice these changes on the videos, photos, playlists, and your profile wall!

1. Liking or Disliking comments

The first change that you'll notice is that you can now like or dislike comments. Click the "thumbs up" to like a comment and vote it up, and click the "thumbs down" to dislike a comment and vote it down.

All users will be able to like comments but only users that are logged in to their free accounts will be able to dislike comments. If you don't currently have a free account you can sign up here.

2. Top Comments

You'll also see top comments on the videos, photos, and playlists. These are determined by your votes and make finding the best comments really easy. Make sure to show off your porn connoisseur skills in the comments section and you're sure to make your way to to the top! As you can see below, this video is loved by our resident porn expert brettg :)

3. Replying to Comments

Right next to the like and dislike buttons you'll see the "reply" link. Clicking this will make a text bubble pop up as shown below. Here is where you can type your reply to the comment.

Once you press comment, your reply will show up below the comment that you were replying to as seen below.

4. Your Wall

All of the features above (except for top comments) have been added to your wall. So you can reply to a comment directly on your wall without any confusion as to who you are replying to. The wall-to-wall feature also remains.

Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments below.


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2 years ago
I enjoy this feature, makes genuine comments on popular videos more visible rather than spam. Do we get notifications of somebody voting up or replying to our comments?
2 years ago
We're adding notifications to replies asap. Likes won't be added just yet.
2 years ago
Good job, PornHub. You just keep getting better! :D *thumbsup*
2 years ago
Not sure what the fake profiles have to do with the comments bud. It's a different problem altogether that we're always dealing with.
The only things you mentioned are small bugs we're fixing and it was always 500 characters.
2 years ago
2 years ago
j'aime bien et c'est plutôt sympa de faire de petit commentaire coquin !!! c'est amusant !!!
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