7 years ago

As my tan and my Spanish improved by the day down there in the Dominican Republic, I figured that I would honor my fine hosts by posting up some pics of the hottest Latina chicita that i could find. Of course, when I think of fiery Latina pornstar babes, the first name that comes to mind is Karla Spice. Ok, so I'm not actually sure if she's from the Dominican. but do we really give a shit what area code she's from when she's got an ass like that?

Of course, don't think that I'm oblivious to the irony of flying 1500 miles to get down there just to spend time looking at Latinas on the web. But don't worry, I got get my game tight and lived large. The vacation was an amazing success and my batteries are now fully recharged. I'm back with a vengeance and ready to give the people what they want!

I can still feel the heat of the Caribbean sun baking through my skin so here's a picture gallery that I can only hope will put a fire in your loins as well... And yeah, I know that there's no actual beaver shots here, but personally I thought that Karla was worth it.

I'll be back tomorrow with yet another hot post, and in the meantime here's hoping that you stay frisky!

Hasta Manana,
Just'in Porn

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