7 years ago

One of the reasons why I love this growing community of ours is the wonderful combination of the new and the familliar. Every day I meet fantastic, interesting, beautiful new people to chat with and laugh with and to share my love of porn. And every day I see the familiar faces of my new Pornhub friends and delight in their stories. People everywhere love porn, and finally they have a place where they can meet and mingle and love porn together.

Of course, some people here just want to watch and get off and be silent, without participating in the social benefits that we offer. And that's fine. Other people seem to feel that the anonymity provided by a virtual community gives them license to discard any sense of respect and decency that they would have towards people in the "real world". That's not so cool (in my oh-so-humble opinion), but I suppose that it takes all kinds to make the world go round and I figure that if, as a community, we make it clear to these people that their behaviour is... unseemly, they'll get the hint sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

This meeting ground of the new and the familiar is on my mind today because of the girl that i found for today picture gallery. Often I try to find pics of lesser known girls to share with you all -- fresh faces to pique your interest -- but today i just had to post a gallery of a girl that is probably familiar to many of you.

If Madonna and Cher can go by one name, and that weird guy who used to called Prince can be known as just some fucked up symbol thingie, then why can't a pornstar be famous with just one name? Well when that girl has a body like Kate, and the swish in her hips to drive us wild like Kate, then one name is really all she needs. If for some bizarre reason, you haven't seen her amazing videos, go RIGHT NOW and check them out. There's a great selection right here on Pornhub and, of course, the motherload at her own site: Kate's Playground

Here are the pics to get you started, and if you don't approve you need to get either your eyes or your head examined!

Well, that's about all the time we have together today, but I'll be back again tomorrow and I hope to see all you familiar faces then. And a few new ones too!

Be good to each other,
Just'in Porn

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7 years ago
It doesn't get any better than that, unless I was in her.
7 years ago
i would love to get into porn with u?
7 years ago
She needs to go into regular porn
7 years ago
7 years ago
Kate is GORGEOUS. I wish I could fuck her, shes just sooo sexy!
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