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I've been thinking a little bit about depth perception and how it works. Since your eyes are set slightly apart (I hope), they each see an object from a slightly different perspective. Each eye actually sees a different picture but, thanks to the amazing and mysterious powers of our mind, both 2D images are combined to give us one single 3D view. This is why people who wear an eye patch or have only one working eye have difficulty with recognizing depth-perception. This is also the principle behind making a 3D movie look like the zombies are reaching through the screen to snatch at you.

I was thinking about this while I was having a conversation with someone that just didn't "see things" my way. I forget what the debate was about, but while we agreed on many points, we just didn't have the same perspective on the issue. Now, after much discussion I realized that my friend's logic was good, and so was mine. Although we disagreed about "the truth" we were both right.

I could launch in here about the relative nature of "Truth", but I really just wanted to make the point that often, it seems, two people can function in much the same way as two eyes do. Each individual person is often locked into a 2D way of thinking which, although Right and True, is not complete. It takes another person's slightly askew perspective to fill out our images and help us to see things more deeply.

Of course, if you do only have one good eye or wear an eyepatch, today's picture set might not have the same impact on you as it would otherwise. To help add power to my presentation on perception, I would like to introduce you to Memphis Monroe, a hot sexy slut who's big, beautiful boobies just scream to be appreciated in all their 3D glory. And the fact that the pic set comes from a site called Pornstars Like it Big should give all you ladies out there a hint that over at that site, titties aren't the only things that will pop out of the screen and into your face...

Somewhere in this whole post there was supposed to be some kind of a joke about how double-D was good, but triple-D is better, but I wasn't quite able to squeeze it in and now my mind is starting to waver and I think I need a Red Bull. I'm gonna go pop an upper or two before I pass the fuck out, and I'll hit y'all back again tomorrow.

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7 years ago
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7 years ago
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