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1 year ago

by: Katie

We've made some updates to the photo uploader! When you click on Upload you will be taken to the new uploader page where you can use our new video uploader and now our new photo uploader.

Once you've reached the new uploader there are two ways that you can upload photos. You can either drop and drag them from your computer into the grey dotted box or click the orange button to select the files from your computer.

Next you'll be able to enter a title for your new album. Make sure to choose something interesting and descriptive.

By default the photos will be added to a new album, however, instead of creating a new album for your photos you can also choose to upload into an existing album. Click the Add to existing album button on the right. Then select the existing album to upload the photos to from the dropdown.

You can now add tags. Once you start typing some suggestions will appear. You can either pick something from the list or enter something new. You can have a total of 16 tags. Make sure to separate your tags with commas.

Now select your Privacy Settings (Private or Public) by clicking the drop down menus. Also choose a segment for your album. Make sure that if you correctly select your segment or the album may be deleted. Only men or dick pictures must go in Solo Male.

Once you click upload you will see the upload progress in the form of a green bar on each photo.

You can enter captions for each photo by clicking Add Caption below the photo thumbnail.

Make sure to select a great album cover by hovering over the thumbnail and clicking the album cover button.

I hope that you love the new photo upload page as much as I do. I can't wait to see all of your new uploads!


1 year ago

by: Katie

1. Pornstar Subscriptions have arrived!

It's now easier than ever to keep track of your favorite Pornstars as well as discover some new favorites!

You guys have been asking for this ever since the launch of the Pornstars Page! I'm really excited to announce that you can now subscribe to all of your favorite Pornstars!

Either locate your favorite Pornstars via the Pornstar page or the Pornstar search filter on the top right of the page and then once you've arrived to their Pornstar page you can hit the subscribe button located under their ranking.

Once you've subscribed, you'll be kept up to date about all new videos featuring the Pornstars that you've subscribed to via your Feed.

2. Pornhub Subscriptions on your Profile!

Located on the right side of your profile is where you will be able all the Pornstars that you have subscribed to. If you're on someone else's profile you'll also be able to browse their Pornstar Subscriptions.

3. Managing your Subscriptions!

By clicking on "Pornstar Subscriptions" on your profile page you will be taken to this page where you can unsubscribe to a Pornstar if you've changed your mind.


Here, on your community feed, is where you will be notified about any new videos that your favorites are featured in. If your feed is as busy as mine you may have to filter by Videos!

As always, leave any feedback you have in the comments below and let me know who your favorite Pornstar is!


1 year ago

by: Katie

This week's Pornstar of the Week is: Elle Alexandra!

She's currently the 365th most popular pornstar on Pornhub.

Elle Alexandra is a gorgeous redhead from Las Vegas that mainly performs in lesbian, masturbation and fetish scenes. She was also featured as Twistys Treat of the Month in May 2013. When she's not shooting porn she enjoys playing Skyrim!

Be sure to follow this sexy redhead on Twitter!

Watch Elle Alexandra in this hot video Wake With Me by Nubile Films and be sure to check out her other videos on her Pornhub Pornstar Page.

Don't forget to check back every Monday for a new Pornstar of the Week!


1 year ago

by: Katie

This week's Pornstar of the Week is: Bonnie Rose!

She's currently the 2447th most popular pornstar on Pornhub.

Bonnie Rose is a gorgeous British Pornstar. SHe's a dirty little blonde babe that loves wet pussy, tits and ass. She also has a healthy appreciation for large cocks!

Be sure to follow this cock enthusiast on Twitter!

Watch Bonnie Rose in this hot video Amazing Lesbian Action by and be sure to check out her other videos on her Pornhub Pornstar Page.

Don't forget to check back every Monday for a new Pornstar of the Week!


1 year ago

by: Katie

Featuring large, widescreen thumbnails and endless scrolling Pornhub Select makes it even easier to find the hottest HD content on the site with this new, sleek design!

1. Accessing Pornhub Select

Pornhub Select is accessed via the drop down arrow next to the Video Tab on the navigation bar. By clicking on that you will be taken by default to the Most Popular Select Videos.

2. Video Player

Clicking on a video will result in a pop up video player. You can navigate through select videos by either using the left and right arrows on your keyboard or the the arrows next to the video player. You can also just close (X) the video out to return to all Select videos.

3. Video Menu

Place your mouse anywhere over the video and the navigation bar and additional info will appear below the video. If you click on the Video Info button in the bottom right corner you will be taken to the regular Pornhub video page where you can also comment on the video.

4. Filters

As with everything else we've put some filters in place so that you can see exactly what you want to see with ease.

  1. Popular: This is the default filter. All the most popular Select videos will be visible here.
  2. Longest: This removes all short videos from the page.
  3. Fresh: Here you can see all the newest Select videos.
  4. Categories: Filter the page by the category that you'd like to see!

Let me know what you think about Pornhub Select in the comments below.


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