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4 months ago

by: ARIA

A new feature has been added to Pornhub's homepage. It is the hottest videos in your country category. Not only will you be able to see the hottest videos in your home country but in the country of your Pornhub friends including: The world, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Russia and The U.S.

Happy geographical fapping xoxo A.

4 months ago

by: ARIA

Win a personalized video with Digital Playgrounds 2015 winner Eva Lovia. You can help her choose her outfit along with a toy, to ensure she has optimal pleasure while screaming YOUR name. Enter below to win.Your video will be featured on the Pornhub homepage so you can brag to your friends!

Enter to win here!

I hope you win ;) xoxo A.

4 months ago

by: ARIA

With April being Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, we also want to help you improve your lasting time by reminding you to regularly self-exam. Whether you do it yourself or enlist the help of a foxy friend, please make sure that your nuts get a monthly go-over, its VERY important to take care of the balls, after all, they give life :).

Check out our PSA below:

You can also see full length videos from our content partners like Babes,Twistys, Reality Kings and Brazzers


5 months ago

by: Mia

The March Amateur of the Month is kawaii_girl!

Check out some of the videos submitted this month that contributed to them winning the crown!

Will YOU be April's Amateur of the Month? Join our Amateur Program and start uploading your videos!

Congrats to our Newcomer of the Month for march 2015 - lexiijones

She has gained an impressive 4,783 Subscribes. Check our some of her videos below!

Video of the Month for March 2015 goes to Selena22 for

with over 2 million views in under 2 weeks!

Congratulations to all three of our winners! Keep up the great work guys.


5 months ago

by: ARIA

Hi! Im Aria, some of you may know me from the Pornhub Twitter where i reference snacks...A LOT! Others might recognize me from my Youtube videos. Im usually just a quiet little mermaid on most occasions, but if you're ever around I suggest paying me a visit online as I'm pretty hilarious...according to my mom.

xo A

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