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4 years ago

Hey Folks!

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! Those of you who were on Pornhub over the weekend (doesn't chronic masturbation and a day off go hand in hand?) may have noticed the addition of a notification section on your community profile.

We appreciate all of the sexy pictures and videos you folks upload and understand the importance of being able to access your comments quickly and easily. Thanks to suggestions from helpful community members and assistance from our Pornhub team, viewing your comments has become much easier!

If you haven't noticed this update yet simply log in to your profile and scroll down to below your subscriptions/subscribers section to view recent notifications. Though we share a LOT here on the hub we respect your privacy so only you will be able to view your notifications when logged into your profile. :)


We are constantly taking steps to improve our community and your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!

Jordan Pornhub

4 years ago

You folks were super creative in our caption contest last week! Nice to see all of your funny and sexy one liners. This week is the same as usual,leave your photo caption in the comment section below and the winner(i.e. person with the funniest/most fucking awesome)caption will receive a $20.00 Coupon to our way cool Pornhub Store!

Let it all out and win big folks ;)

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