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3 years ago

Christmas is coming a few weeks early this year with our gift to you: 400 Favorites!

You heard right, now instead of choosing only 200 of your favorite Pornhub videos to store for later access, you can now have up to 400! That's DOUBLE what you had before! Double the boobs, double the dicks, double the creampies, double the double penetration... you get the idea.

Favorites is one of the best features we have on Pornhub, sure it's simple, but it's effective. Think about it as if you are "bookmarking" your favorite videos. When you're watching a Pornhub video, and you take a more-than-usual, I-need-to-see-that-again, how-did-they-do-that liking to it, simply click the little red heart located just under the player to add that video to your favorites. When you have successfully added that video to your favorites, the heart turns gold! Aww.

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To revisit these videos, which surely you will want to, simply go to your profile to see them listed on the front page, just under the "previously viewed" section.

Like I said before, because we love you and are in the spirit of giving, we've now upped this limit to 400 videos. And, for those of you operating on mobile devices or tablets, let it be known that your favorites are accessible directly from your mobile's browser!

Enjoy :)
Jordan XO

3 years ago

As we all know, the US Congress is considering America's first system for censoring the Internet. Despite public outcry, the Internet Censorship bill could pass at any time. If it does, the Internet and free speech will never be the same. Sites that you use every day (including your favorites like Pornhub!) could be blocked if this bill is passed.

Since we love what we do, and we love our community, and other like-minded ones, we want to save this bill from passing. If you love porn, please take a few moments to save the websites you love, and call your Senators.

Fill out the widget below to join us in this cause! #TEAMPORNhub

xo Jordan

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