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2 years ago

by: Katie

Pornhub has teamed up with to give you the opportunity to bring your wildest porn fantasies to video. Step into the director's chair and let us know what turns you on in our Fantasy Porn Contest.

Choose Your Girl. Pick Her Props. Set The Scene.

Here are some submissions we've received so far:

Girl = Kitty Jane
Prop = Dildo
Scene = She should wear the skimpiest of thongs or string bikini bottom with the ties on the sides in the color of black. I would really like to see her in fence net style stockings too. I want to see her teasing herself with her fingers and the dildo, and then sticking the dildo in her pussy and ass while she is bent over, as well as laying on her back, and standing up too. Hopefully she will be getting super wet as she talks about how horny she is and how bad she wants to get filled up.

Girl = Gina Devine
Prop = Vibrator
Scene = Wearing a school uniform, a very short skirt with pump heels, and a very tight tank top and black stockings. She comes home and starts dreaming about fucking her professor and starts masturbating using her vibrator to make her self cum while still in her clothes with boobs popping out and she is playing with her boobs.


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