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2 years ago

by: brett

The much awaited Indian category has been launched. This new category features all biggest Indian pornstars and the best amateur Indian porn. I'm sure it will satisfy all of your Indian cravings.

Let me know what you think of this category in the comments section as well as any new categories you'd like to see in the future.


2 years ago

by: Katie

A while back, Pornhub and partner Wet and Puffy held the Fantasy Porn Contest. Users could pick their favorite Wet and Puffy girl, three hot toys for her to play with, and then describe their fantasy porn scene. Wet and Puffy would then produce the winning fantasy for everyone to enjoy.

The results are in, and Pornhub user gokudera is the winner! He choose Grace Hartley as his fantasy girl, and asked that she play with a Pussy Pump, Squirting Dildo and a Magic Wand. Grace was only too happy to please, so check her out in the winning video below!

Click here to see Wet and Puffy's other great videos!


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