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15 minutes ago
Please remember to vote when u check out my vids. (Take it easy, just learning to film). Knowing how to work it has always been my specialty...
Need more friends can y'all help me!!!
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Tonights outfit

I honestly dont know what to wear for this BJ vid we're shooting tonight. If anyone sees this, what do you wanna see me in?
i have 3 skirts. knee highs, thigh highs.
was thinking about doing somethig girlier idk D:

Girls only

I'm so wet right now
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3 hours ago

Playing with Butt Plugs video out now

It's being slow making it to my page but here's the link
I just want to fuck!!
how many of you can say you let your husband fuck your asshole as hard and fast as he wants till he blows in it, i want to know, i let my husband fuck my ass in doggy, on our sides, me riding him, him lifting me off the ground, in the shower, he blew in my ass countless times, and he also raped my ass a few times, once at my school he bent me over in the back seat and he was pushing close to 10 to 11 inchs and as thick as two to three thumbs put together, rammed me up the ass so hard and fast for about 15 mins till he blew in my ass he blew a huge load that it kept comming out for about a hour
i love all of your complements i will be making more videos, tell me what you will like to see and i will see what i can do for you. Again thank you all for your great complements and feed backs
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4 hours ago


Last call for panties. Theyre being thrown out this weekend. $30 for 1 pair or $50 for 2.
Thanks for all the support everyone. I promise to try and be active more on the site

cookie monster

Check out my second new cookie monster video. Nice and wet for you


Right guys gonna do something new for a limited time only who's wants to see me play with my pussy or boobs ect on Skype message me for more details
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