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I have a Competition

I am gonna do a live cam with the first 5 guys and the first 3 girls who like all my photos (in the new albums) makes me a tribute and gets 5 of their friends (have to be verified) to add me. Once done comment the people you got to add me. The prizes are a tribute, personal pics that no one else has, a private video sent to their email, and the live cam. The end of the competition is Sunday March 8, 2015. Good luck and may the odds be forever in your favor. (I watched the hunger games for the first time)(don't judge me)
Anyone want to have phone sex? Inbox your number and I'll call you right now , us only , playing with my right pussy

Back in Business

I’d like to thank the PH staff and tech support people for fixing my account so I can upload videos again. I’d also like to thank all my fans for waiting out my 2.5 month hiatus. I can be a really lazy piece of shit sometimes. I’ve finally got a new video out for you and will hopefully have another one out sometime during the weekend. Enjoy

Question for the fans...

What is your cheesiest pick up line...that you would use on me??

7000 followers on PH! (Again) Yay! :-D


new videos

hi guys .. The swallow is converting, so hopefully it's up soon. It's just a quickie. Help it get 750+ likes before the front page & i'll upload the next video once it hits that. It'll likely be a creampie.. I haven't done one in a while . I'll tell my bf to get lot's of closeups as I push his cum out.

Looking forward to uploading a lot this month, thanks for liking my videos and helping them do well. I DO plan on doing a pee video soon too.. sry to those who aren't into it, but many request it. If you're not into that, just don't watch it :p

So yea.. creampie, bj's, pee video, solo. It'll be something like that, maybe not that order idk haha. Continue to like my videos to get them faster(sry about the delay on my swallow vid)cause I have one ready to upload right after my swallow video .

love you guys thx
Went to meet up with a friend this afternoon for a quickie in his office during his lunch break.

I sat on his desk, he pulled my pants off, moved my panties to the side, and ate me out. After he made me cum with his tongue, he held my legs up and fucked me hard. He licked the cum off my pussy when we finished, and then I gave him a blow job before getting dressed and leaving.

It's always hard for me to be quiet during sex, but it's so much hotter when I have to be sometimes.
I'm online guys! Come and say hi to me!

I Love cum- in my mouth to swallow, on my face, tits, in my pussy and ass. Yum Fuck I love to fuck. I am a horny slut  lol

I'm back

after having ALL my vids deleted I'm starting to upload some vids AGAIN!!!


Pussy is dripping , have 2 fingers in and 1 in my asshole yummy love tasting my juices

I want to love a guy.

End of story. This is my first text post.
Check out my new pics :p
Wish I had new toys to play with I'd love some new things for my videos ;P
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