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wrote a post - 9 minutes ago - This post is pinned

pic comments = new video

keep commentingggg
wrote a post - 32 minutes ago - This post is pinned

Hey :)

Uploading my first video ;)
wrote a post - 41 minutes ago - This post is pinned

shower video

I uploaded that shower video and it should be up soon
wrote a post - 45 minutes ago - This post is pinned

wants me

i cant wait to fuck his brains out!
wrote a post - 1 hour ago - This post is pinned

Thank you

Guys THANK YOU so much for all these comments. That make me so hornyyy. I think I will take a little Video in the next Weeks for PH :)
wrote a post - 1 hour ago - This post is pinned

New upload soon

Hello to you all :)

How are you :)

So I'm seeing that I'm gonna get these 5000 views sooner than I expected.

I might even be able to upload a new vid tomorrow. So if we take into account the fact that we need 2 days before the upload is accepted, it gets us to friday at the very least before you can see it.

Do you think you can make it a 10,000 views before Friday? I'm sure all your hot cocks and pussies can manage that no? Tell me what you think in the comments :).

PS: I got some vids from my bf, wanking his tool while thinking about either my pussy or my tight bum (or both). Would you want me to upload them? I guess that could be fun to give him some views too ;).

Answer me soon :).

Kisses to you all :)
wrote a post - 2 hours ago - This post is pinned

Am i the only one here that is horny?

I need a girl or a guy to make me cum,where you are when i need you!? The one,that makes me cum will get special gift from me!! :*** Message me!
wrote a post - 3 hours ago - This post is pinned


Anyone in the Niagara region?
wrote a post - 4 hours ago - This post is pinned
I'm loving these messages yall sending me , and showing me so much love I appreciate it yall. I would love to see more of yall too. pictures and as well as videos. I love yall in action don't be afraid I dnt bite unless you want me too.
wrote a post - 4 hours ago - This post is pinned

Oh yeah.

I'm a verified member now. lol hey yall I'll be posting some videos thia week do keep checking in and more pic's too. im no good at squirting lol but im trying to learn.
wrote a post - 4 hours ago - This post is pinned

orgy ;)

I would love to plan a gangbang i really would love to get fucked real hard also i would love a few girls there to enjoy the dick with me so let me know anybody ;) im new to this
wrote a post - 4 hours ago - This post is pinned

Updates, Rating videos, And my stalker :)

Hi guys :), just wanted to let you know what's going on. I have a new cucumber, magic wand, and a dildo I can stick to things. I'll be doing a blowjob tonight probably, but I'll have a few solo's coming soon. I'll be uploading a cumshot compilation in the next day or so too :)

I wanted to make this post also to ask that you guys remember to click the thumbs up on my videos. It's nice knowing I have thousands of fans, but I like it much more when I see all of you rating them. It motivates me :). More thumbs up = more videos for you guys & videos I wouldn't normally do, like anal. It's a big turn on seeing good ratings, so pls remember to click it :). I want to see a million green thumbs when I upload a new video lol

I also wanted to let you guys know about my stream posts and what's been happening. If you scroll down, you can see that my posts have gotten many dislikes lately. Things that aren't negative at all, just updates, acheivements, and even a post about how sexy catie minx is. It's one guy doing this. I've blocked him many times, he's been stalking for months and he's upset that I won't cam, or do his requests. He has many accounts & gets around the voting system. I've talked to staff and they're looking into it.

I just wanted to fill you guys in :).. he can dislike all of my posts non-stop, I don't really care. As long as I make good videos and my fans enjoy them, i'm quite happy. So thanks to those who have supported me since I joined PornHub :)

tl;dr: Many new videos coming(solos too), Don't forget to click the thumbs up on my videos, Upset stalker dislikes my stream posts hehe
wrote a post - 6 hours ago - This post is pinned

You've got a friend

When you're down and troubled

And you need a helping hand

And nothing, whoa nothing is going right

Close your eyes and think of me

And soon I will be there

To brighten up even your darkest nights

You just call out my name,

And you know whereever I am

I'll come running, oh yeah baby

To see you again

Winter, spring, summer, or fall,

All you have to do is call

And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah

You've got a friend

Dedicated to all my nice friends here!


wrote a post - 6 hours ago - This post is pinned
Any of you sexy ladies wanting to exchange pictures feel free to message me(;
wrote a post - 6 hours ago - This post is pinned
How hard is it to get verified
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