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wrote a post - 20 minutes ago - This post is pinned
sweet! i am gonna have a mouth full of dick again this weekend coming up!
wrote a post - 21 minutes ago - This post is pinned
dam! i was gonna work on those tributes today and got all sidetracked sitting here naked playing with myself again...its planned for tomorrow as long as i am not too horny to try and focus lol
wrote a post - 59 minutes ago - This post is pinned

Will anyone who is a User on this site check out my Profile please.. ;)


Thanks all! X
wrote a post - 1 hour ago - This post is pinned
wrote a post - 2 hours ago - This post is pinned

Fake Ass Bullshit

There is an ASSHOLE!!!! Did I scream that loud enough? Named daisyann4, HE (I know what I'm seeing) stole my videos and shit. You wanna be me asshole, try walking a mile in my high heels ... Jerk. You want the REAL, no bullshit, I am who I am and aways have been ... BANG!!! You ngot the real deal, Verified, my full i.d. IS ON FILE WITH ME WITH IT, i AM not BULLSHIT, THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME TOO MANY TIMES AND I'M PISSED
wrote a post - 5 hours ago - This post is pinned

Nicest Cock 2014 Contest

Hey Y'all!

I'm running a contest from now until Sept. 1st to see which of my fans has the nicest cock!!

Winner will get a CUSTOM 10 pic photoset AND a 10 minute custom video! Choose how I fuck, show me your cock and let's see whose is fairest of them all!

Copy and Paste this link for instructions :

Good luck!!
wrote a post - 5 hours ago - This post is pinned

Home alone

Someone come over i'm home alone til 5:55. I don't want games if you do not live in colorado springs do not comment on this. I haven't fucked anyone since last summer. So my pussy is pretty tight and i shaved yesterday.. So come over. Message me if you want to.
wrote a post - 7 hours ago - This post is pinned

My favorite Tribute :)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to make me a video, I was pretty surprised at how many of you were willing to do it. I'll definitely do more stuff like this in the future.. maybe future winners will get a personal video uploaded to PornHub with their username written on me & a toy of their choice will be used :)

Also, I do notice the users who are always first to watch, rate, and comment my videos.. i'll do something for them too. It feels nice knowing that there are superfans who do extra to show me they like me and my videos.

My favorite tribute: Navy__sex: He won because he tried extra hard :). He took the time to edit, also he added his cumshot in slowmo.

My second favorite: thefunnyone98:

The other submissions, thx guys :)














You guys are great :). Hopefully this will bring everyone some views. Please don't downvote other users submissions.. that's just lame. I didn't even look at ratings, I chose my favs. We will do more of this stuff :). Check out their videos and check out my 2 new videos. The HD problem will be fixed soon :). Also, there's a short clip of a really thick creampie I just uploaded, so hopefully the creampie fans like it :p
wrote a post - 7 hours ago - This post is pinned
Someone oil my ass and smack it please ok
wrote a post - 7 hours ago - This post is pinned
wrote a post - 7 hours ago - This post is pinned

You know you want it

You know you'd just love to be my pay pig, spoil me with your hard-earned money and watch from a distance as I treat myself to various goodies (toys, shoes, art things), maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a sneak peek or two.
wrote a post - 9 hours ago - This post is pinned

Happy "Two-For-Tuesday"....

Happy "Two-For-Tuesday" from all of us at "ONLYTheHotPeople99"....I feel fucking fantastic today, but I'll get better. Couple of House-Keeping details to touch on: Thanks for all of you who remember to hit the "thumbs up" button when you see anyting in the Stream you like; we appreciate that. You CAN LEAVE COMMENTS. You are a quiet group. The Group is growing, & we have some sensational talent that we are going to be featuring more. So, keep cummin' back for the best erotic entertainment we know how to provide. ENJOY!
wrote a post - 11 hours ago - This post is pinned

Hey fans!

I have sooooo much more goign up this week so "cum" back often! Keep showing your love and I'll keep know!

Stay horny!


wrote a post - 11 hours ago - This post is pinned
new album uploaded
wrote a post - 11 hours ago - This post is pinned
we've been verified


more videos soon.....................................
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