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Dress up with Daisy Dabs

Wanna see Daisy Dabs in her sexiest outfit yet?
Then click the link and after you came all over the
keyboard or phone, clean your ass up then Like and Subscribe! ;*
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Woken up so horny...

dripping wet
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Im also on Twitter.

Are you on twitter too? Why dont you follow me there and read all my news and tweets? I bet you'll love them:P

Follow me @RealTiaBell.

Hope to see you there:P

Kisses Tia
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so fucking horny.. wish I had time to chat :c
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I just LOVE porn
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I'm your slave do what you want with me :P
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So lonely

I'm lonely
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New Content

Hey Lovers, Sorry I have been quiet. Very soon I will get more content to you, I promise. I would love to hear from y'all. Post notes on here, PMs, likes, comments on videos or pics. It all makes me wanna work even harder to get you guys the best content I can.


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wasn't able to get my nipples pierced as of yet, but they will be pierced in the near future (first week of october), as well I wish to have a lip piercing again, I am missing my labret, and well thinking I want snake bites
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So flipping horny and need a thick cock to help me out
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Am back

Hey Ladies & Gents!
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im getting my arse fucked this weekend

so if your lucky i might get my fwb to video and photograph it for you so keep your eyes open
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pussy so wet
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Were officaly the real deal. If you didn't believe us before now is the time.
I am Bud Sticky and my girlfriend is Daisy Dabs, we love hot sex and sloppy blowjobs.

We do private videos as well so PM us for details.
Possible short film in the works.
stay tuned for more videos.
Peace & Love
-BS & DD
(Bud Sticky & Daisy Dabs)

By the way here is the final one!
DL 6. Possibly her best blowjob yet :)
Like the video, comment, and share it to all your dirty friends.
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