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Jemand hier aus Deutschland der Bock auf ein reales treffen hätte ?
I want a filthy gangbang with all of you perverts subscribed to me. I'd let you dirty fucks chain me up and take turns fucking my pretty little holes and cumming all over my face and in my mouth. You guys make my tight little pussy so fucking wet.
You guys should REALLY read my profile. I NEVER read my inbox here. and if you want to audition there complete instructions on my profile. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON MY "ABOUT ME" SECTION IF U WANT TO AUDITION FOR VIDEO WITH ME. My team and I read those emails every day and we will ge tback to u asap. Thanx!
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my business trip to Puerto Rico (;

I'm staying in the top floor luxury suit privet ocean view over looking in the city of Puerto Rico. As i changed out of my two sexy black peace lace bikini that i bought in Costa Rica from my last vacation trip being there. As i sat in my jacuzzi alone filled with bubble's shaving my leg's then my clit now my asshole after shaving i clip my hair up-ward while i slip my finger inside me oh god it's been to long since i last pleasure myself. My hotel room service man accidentally open the door wide just right when i started squirting too as he walk back out apologizing forgive me you wanted your drink i will come back later i can't tell he was feeling so embarrassed. I simple payed the man 50 dollar's plus 2 dollar tip to never ever speak of this again what he saw clearly it made him blushing red. I turn the jacuzzi off pour the water out as i step outside with my towel patting my-self off dry. As i put on the neck-v- line expensive pearly white necklace i walked naked near the mirror my long hair down my hip's still wet as i patted my nose my breast enjoying my new sexy olive summer pre-tan glow i still have the Costa Rica ocean scent on me. I slip into my sexy halter yellow dress not wearing any bra just only my pantie as i threw some blue strappy open toe 7 inch heel's to really make my outfit stand out leaving my hair down. I head down to the elevator heading out time to go shopping for thing's to bring back home as i press the button the door open i walked inside when i suddenly just bump into my old college roommate jake from chicago it's a long time since we last spoke we walked to the mini bar drinking coconut water as he smile loving the new glow it's real sexy he say's while we catch thing's up drinking flavor martini exchange small conversation when i was finish with my drink he kissed my lip's took my hand as we walk through the hotel garden filled with gorgeous white roses lavender lillis as he put my hair behind my ear putting a white flower in my hair you need to smile more isabella every one know's that your smile can light up any room. I started to blush all my memories just came back to me i knew in my heart i just knew it we will see each again. I held his hand close never letting go. As he pull my hip close kissed my lip passionately you should know your innocent baby doll face alway's drive me crazy while he held my sexy left leg around his hip's he notice i already wet my pantie as i whisper into his ear honey, you’re the sexiest thing i've ever seen.. he smiled held my hand we walk out of the hotel garden into the building straight to the elevator pressing the button as the door open i push him against the elevator wall rip his shirt open biting my bottom lip licking his chest nipple licking his neck to his sexy mouth going down i un-zip his jean's pull his cock out sucking on his thick shaft then i began to nibble his nut's as i stand up against the elevator wall he stand in front of me both of my leg's around his ab's as he slowly un-tied my halter sexy yellow dress to his surprise there's no bra blocking in the way he gently tug on my right nipple while my dress is down on my curve's as he get down on his knee's pushing my wet pantie aside while holding my ankle up in the air still in my high heel's as his tongue hit my g-spot he felt my moist and stickiness i start to moan loud spoke in french fuck me already pushing his face deeper inside me while i have this innocent baby doll fuck me face making me crave his cock almost as if he's daring me to let him fuck my innocent asshole in this elevator. As i lay on the ground my pussy lip's are spread open he pull his neck tie off just when i thought the fun was all over instead he decided to stuff his work tie inside my pussy lip's while licking my asshole as he began to pull his neck tie out of my tight lip's making me squirt pussy juice into his face as he continue to stuff my lip's with his neck tie once again making me squirt the second time that felt so sexy. As jake replied how could i forget that innocent seductive face of your's it drive's me crazy i love the way your soft silky skin brush up against mine at 4 in the morning if god only knew i wanted you. As he start to lick my olive summer pre-tan glow to my neck to my sexy mouth then in between my cheek's to my sexy back spine then back down to my sexy feet licking my right sole sucking on my toe's after he un-strap my 7 inch heel's. I lay on my left side fully exposed on the hotel elevator ground as my dress is still down on my sexy curve's while jake held my sexy left leg up in the air still in my blue 7 inch open toe strappy high heel over his shoulder as he pound my lip's away. As he take his work neck tie and stuff's it in my mouth telling me to shut up daddy never tell you to squirt yet he slowly shove his thick shaft deep inside my ass started to pre-cream at the same time i can feel his cock is stretching my inside's while my hand's are handcuffed behind me laying on my tummy my ass cheek's are spread face down ass up as he finally slide his slippery cock into my pussy lip in doggy style while my face is facing the elevator door fucking me to hard as i beg jake stop stop your going to get me pregnant. Jake and i notice the elevator door started to open right in the middle of him finishing all 5 of his work friend's were all speechless when they see me doggy style my hand's and ankle's are still tied while my face is facing right at his friend's while im still bond. When jake was done he pull out his cock after filling my hole full of his warm cream he used his left hand to spread open my tight red lip in front of his work friend's while they stand there speechless watching my tight hole squirt his cream right back out (;
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On set of my new film  really looking forward to working on this one looks very creative and have a some wonderful black stockings and suspender belt to wear going to grab some behind the scene shots and then on with the filming
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Real Friends

Hey there my dearest friends, I haven't got the time to tlak to you all, but don't hesitate on sending me a message and have a nice chat!
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