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Edging while driving home from work today
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Phew. Jesus, wow. Having to go through about 35 friend requests and 30 messages is difficult. But I love the chase. 😉😜😊💗😘💋
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Subscriber contest- winner wins a shoot with me-details below

Okay boys, and girls, here it is. I have a crazy underwear collection, with way too many pairs, which brings me to the new contest. I had complaints before that too many people were entering therefore not giving everyone a realistic opportunity, so here it is:

I am going to sell 100 pairs of my underwear. They will be worn before sending them to you. Each pair of underwear purchased, and sent to you will be an entry into the drawing. 100 raffles total. Can purchase as many as you want:

-underwear sold for $25 a pair. And shipped wherever you want them sent.
-if you want a specific pair of underwear or item of clothing I have worn during one of my video shoots you may request that instead, and we can work that out depending on what it is.
-I can sign the item if you want, and seal with a kiss.
-payments will be accepted through square cash, snapchat cash, or PayPal.
-If you win, you must be okay with me tagging your pornhub username as the winner of the contest and participant in video (video will be posted on my account )
-we will work out travel arrangement once contest is over. If I am traveling to you or if you to me.
-if you live out of country and cannot win a shoot but want to participate, I will allow you via skype to direct a shoot of mine live, in replacement.

-have fun. Message me if you want a pair, I will keep the status updated and draw a winner as soon as 100 items are gone.
Good luck!
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All GENEROUS GENTLEMANS are welcome yust send me a message and we play on skype
Kisses Luna
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