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New Video

I've uploaded a new video for you guys to enjoy. Sorry about the quality, the camera man wasn't really paying attention. I had so much fun doing this one though, especially at the end!


Sometimes I wantnto drop out of school and pursue porn 😓


Anyone up for a game of minecraft right now? Message me if you play
I'm back
Us bigger curvy girls got it goin on! Just sayin ( o Y o )

No teasing.... well maybe just a little ..

 Just loaded 2 new videos Well one really as the 2nd one is public and a teaser ( might get to 2 million views with it WooOOO) but as I got sooooo many nice comments on the last one I decided to load the full length one straight away  X.
It's a POV of me trying to tease you and look seductive in my latex dress   I had a few requests for a closer view and thought this might be the way to do it. Don't normally do requests but as I was in the mood ....
Can't see me doing anything else in it now so i'll load something different next time.
The private one has a soundtrack and me making dirty noises as backing... mental mood so be warned u might want the sound down a bit lol
Post comments pls and I'd also like to know the effect it has on you (if any) xXx
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2 hours ago
This site sucks I'm deleting my page soon
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Hey friends I'm gonna post a wish list just in a spoiling mood Lol well message me we can work something out

Check out this list. - Hi. Check out this list:
good morning guys !!!!!!!!! who wants to be my breakfast cock ? mama needs her sugar ! right now !


We are a interracial couple who doesn't give a shit what racist have to say about it. So if you dont like black men or white women then you have no business being on our page ... Take your foul words & ignorant public displays of hate for attention & jealous fits of rage elsewhere. 

Because not only will I blast your to all of pornhub I will cussed your dumbass out then report you. I dont give a shit how it makes you feel! 


I want to play a game

Im bored lets play a game .. Lets play Ive NEVER ... Little different but easy rules ... IF you have done whats posted you like it & tell your story ... If you have never you post a new I have never.

So to start ~ I have never had sex in the rain
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