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Hey guys I'm open to video chat sometime during the day anytime of the week. $200 for 30-1 hour or $150 for 30 lemme know love you guys😍😍
A man urinating in my mouth is one of the greatest feelings.

almost 9 month preg. message me for custom vid

name price. 100 for 30 minutes of you making me do whatever you want. 200 1 1/2 hour of your desire. over 250 live video for 3hours. I can meet up if pice is right. only you see the custom video. very discreet. take advantage of me now...
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Subscriber questionnaire

Most of you know what this is. For those of you who don't. For one straight hour on this thread I will answer any question you guys ask. Only rules:
1. Must ask question as a comment on the thread.
2. Two questions max per subscriber
3. Hour long
4. Be creative, have fun. Can only answer what my favorite position is so many times

Ready. Set. Go.
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New video is up it's in my favourite enjoy
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Don't know what to do...

a question .
All my life I've been a slim boy , until a couple of years ago I change metabolism and got chubby . In March and I decided to get in shape thanks to my best friend who is a personal trainer I got my weight back ( and better , to deceive) my underwear is loosely and now it get off whenever I'm walking. . Should I wear tight shorts as underwear or not wearing anything?

35 weeks pregnant. need money. message me for custom vid

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So Happy and Horny!!

Finally made a paypal email. So If anyone wants any personals please let us know! Happy to please our PH friends! This helps us get new toys, and anything else you guys want us to play with! That means any pictures, videos, skype, kik, or even just sexting! Xoxoxo   ~Daddy and I

New video !

We practiced with our new camera today and got double creamed in the process…Not complaining Video is uploaded, should go live soon. As always shower me with likes, favorites and your sexy comments. I want to do a prostate massage video tonight and an anal creampie check back often Many kisses and love to all of you my amazing fans! Azzurra

Don't forget to visit for your sex toy needs !
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Where the helll did all my viewers go?


Question about my upcoming video

While editing today, I realized that some footage of my newest video is not in focus. It is footage of my hubby going down on me until I cum... It's a real bummer that it looks a little blurry.

Anyways, I was wondering if you guys still want to see it (on its own or in the full video). Let me know in the comments below, please.

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I just posted a new video a little while ago! Tell me what you think and give me some suggestions on what else you'd like to see in my videos c:
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