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Happy Thanksgiving!

To ALL my fans...HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Stay horny and naughty!!

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Want MORE sexy videos and pictures???

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Why I only fuck with black men.


Many white men have asked me why I only fuck with black men. Some have even tried to convince me that their cock is BBC sized. The thing is that it’s not about the size… who am I kidding, off course it is… but there are many other reasons too why I love black men. The best way for me to explain myself is to tell you a little story what happened last summer when I was on a trip to Barcelona. So… here it goes!
Before the trip to Barcelona I was a bit inexperienced when it came to sex. I only had two partners in High School. I always had been a bit picky about my boyfriends and with whom I wanted to have sex with. One-night stands were a thing that I never even thought about. But all this changed one night when my friends and I were clubbing.
The night started as it so often does. After dinner we had few starters in a pub before we headed to a club. There we all spent the most of the night in the dance floor. Usually when a white guy starts to hit on you, you see it a mile away. In the dance floor he slowly starts to move towards you in a stealth mode, like he actually isn’t even hitting on you. It takes a year before he reaches you and says some stupid pre-rehearsed phrase that is supposed to make you interested about him. Few guys tried to hit me but I wasn’t that interested about one-night stands so I kindly rejected them. Then something different happened.
Somebody came behind me and put his hands on my hips like it was nothing. The guy pulled me against him and started to slowly dance with me. I looked back and saw this big black guy behind me. For a second I just stood there like a deer in a headlight but he just kept dancing against me and suddenly I realised myself pushing against him. It felt like it was the most natural thing to do.
As the evening went ahead we kept dancing. It got hotter by every song. I started to grind myself against him. It didn’t take long for him to get hard. As I felt his hard cock against my lower back I just grinded harder against him. He started to kiss my neck and I just grabbed his head and pulled it against me. Then it started to get really hot. He turned me around and pulled hard against him. As our hot dance went ahead started probably the longest kiss I’ve ever had. Then he moved his hand to my crotch and started to play with my pussy. This was the moment I realised he owned me for that night. I was ready to let him take me.
After he made me cum at the dance floor we went to sit in a table and talked for the first time. His tone took me completely. It was hypnotizing. He felt so confident, and he knew exactly what he wanted… me. As we talked casually I moved my hand to his cock. First I just felt it through his jeans but soon I was stroking it under the table. And after I made him cum it was our queue to leave.
Immediately the door to his hotel room closed he pulled me against him and started to kiss me. It didn’t take long that he was sitting on his bed, cock in my mouth. I felt like an animal, like some strong desire had rose from deep inside of me. After I deep throated his cock and he face fucked me, I was ready to take that 10-inch beast inside me. It hurt a lot at first but it didn’t take long before I was in heaven. We fucked three times that night before I was too exhausted and the first thing in the morning we did it twice again. Then it was time for me to go back to my friends.
After I got back I went to shower and had a nap. When it got time to go out again I just told my friends that I was too tired. Alone in the hotel room I had a lot of time to look back at the events. It was then that I realised I had let him fuck me bare… and I had let him cum inside me every time. I should been scared but I wasn’t. Thinking about his bare cock inside me got me so aroused I had to masturbate.
And that’s the story of how I got blacked. It isn’t just the size of the cock. It is the way black guys know how to handle women. How they get us under their spell. Like me… before him I couldn’t have ever imagine to let a guy to bareback me and after him I think it’s the most natural thing to do.
So no… I wont be taking any white cock. And don’t turn this to some kind of hate thing cause I don’t hate white guys. You just don’t turn me on anymore.
Peace and love!
With love,
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Thinking about making videos and uploading them, but idk.. anyway kik me I'm bored, show me show pussy or dick
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