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I feel like the majority of videos on here are white girls and dark dudes. Now, I've got no issue with that, I just think it's strange that it's so popular.


At work...wish I had someone to come fuck me.

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hey guys

 I was a little "shy" on my twerking video. IVE NEVER TWERKED A DAY IN MY LIFE. I'm still learning. But, i think it looks pretty juicy . I hope you guys enjoy it. I put it in the twerking butt girl contest. The link will be below once it's done uploading to pornhub.
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43 minutes ago

I need a rub down...

Would you use oil or lotion? Cum is not an option....just yet

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 hey you guys, sorry I haven't been responding to messages but I'll get to them as soon as possible. There are so many.  I'm entering the twerking butt girl competition so help me get 300 likes on the video I'm working on now. also, help me get at least 50 favorites. the video should be up soon. as always, I'll post the link as soon as it's available.
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Be nice!

Stop being so pissed when I don't answer a message straight away! My hands are busy
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