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Story Time With Frisky Bunny #StorySubmission

The following is a story submission from: Annonymous  Movie Theater Fun! Alright, so me and this girl Kat have been on and off again for a long time, recently we have gotten on again since I am moving soon and she won’t be able to see me. Now she is dating someone but I guess its open because her boyfriend fucks other girls and does not mind her fooling around with other guys.  So anyways Kat is moving to another apartment and I go there to help her clean up, her mom is there helping as well since she is the one that owned it, we are all cleaning little pieces of scraps and garbage off the ground by hand because their vacuum broke, and then being the brilliant guy I am I suggest I go home and grab mine so this will go a lot quicker. Right as I am about to leave Kat says she is coming with me and surprisingly her mother agrees. (Keep in mind her mom is strict and VERY protective.) So we drive to my place, and first off I head up stairs since she has never been in my house before and like a gentleman I just plop face first into my bed because it was hot outside and in my car and my room was nice and cool. She lays down too and we cuddle before we start to kiss. First it was just small kisses then turned into making out, which lead to my hand around her neck and biting her neck. Then I strip her completely naked and man did she look amazing naked on my bed.  We kiss roughly in between me biting her neck, fingering her pussy pushing my fingers against her weak spot, and sucking on her tits rubbing my tongue on her nipples. It was so cute to hear her whimper trying to hold in her moans because she didn’t want Kevin who was downstairs to hear.  I made her spread her legs wide for me as I kissed her lips, then down her neck, then down her chest, slowly planting soft kissing all the way down her stomach until I reach her pussy before. Now she never has let anyone eat her out before because she didn’t think she would like it and I never ate a girl out before but her pussy was soaken wet and I couldn’t help myself. My tongue pushed down and rubbed up and down her soaking wet pussy, pushing my tongue into her then back out and up to her clit sucking on it gently.  Her back arched and a loud moan escaped her lips right before she shoved her face into the pillow to shut herself up. Now her pussy tasted great and I wanted more but my phone started buzzing, her mother was calling me. I answered it and her mother was asking where we were as she wanted to hurry up and get out of there because she was hungry. I made up a quick lie saying we are trying to find the small hand held vacuum thing that came with it and she believed it and told me to forget about it and just bring the regular vacuum and come back.  After I hung up Kat was under the covers on her stomach not wanting to go stating that “My bed is to comfortable.” I got a good chuckle out of it but her pussy was still out and exposed and I couldnt help myself. I push my finger back into her and made sure to get all of her juices on her finger until it was really wet. Then I pushed it into her ass. Now she never has done anything with her ass before but man she was moaning and I could feel her ass tighten on my finger. My cock was hard and I couldnt take it anymore.  I took off my pants and boxers to reveal my hand cock, she went onto her back and I went up onto her and put my cock into her mouth and fucked her face hard. God she sounded so good chocking on my cock. (Really wish I could if recorded it so you could listen.)  But realizing the time and that her mom is going to be pissed I pulled away and told her we have to go. But before we did I tackled her onto my bed and kissed her deeply one last time. On the entire car ride back to her place my right hand was on her inner thigh the entire time reminding her that I own her.  We finish up with the cleaning and head to the mall with her mom to do some clothes shopping for the both of them. Every time her mother wasn’t looking I would be grabbing her ass, pulling her by her sides, doing everything I can that I knows turns her on. After a bit her mother tells us to go by ourselves to get Kat some things. Well we found a few decent outfits but most of the time it was trying on some sexy things for me to gaze at. Alright moving forward a bit, I take Kat to the movies (Surprisingly her mother let her once again. I think it’s because I am moving soon…) and she is acting like a little girl. Calling me daddy, holding my hand and arm tightly, asking politely for things, everything and I fucking love it. We go and see the secret life of pets because fuck it why not. The entire movie theater was empty expect for like two people who sat in the middle, and another couple who sat further up. We were in the way way back. Half way through the movie I put my hand on her inner thigh and her legs spread open for me like she knew what was about to happen. I start to rub her over her jeans and she latches onto my arm her nails digging into my skin. I tell her to undo her pants and she responded with “yes daddy.” and did as she was told.  I slip my hand into her pants and start to rub her pussy fingering her with two fingers doing everything I know she loves. She is whimpering into my neck as she is kissing it as I keep playing with her, my two fingers rubbing her wet walls, moving rapidly back and forth inside of her. She reaches over and starts to grab at my pants trying desperately to get my belt undone but fails so help her out. My cock and balls were completely out in a movie theater with a li***e k*d movie playing.  The thrill of that itself got me so hard but her hand slowly stroking my cock up and down mixed with the feeling of her biting my neck was just so fucking amazing. I couldn’t hold it and I just grabbed her head and bent her over and she sucked on my cock greedily like some other little girl was gona take it away from her. She felt so good, my entire dick was down her throat. She pulled out and jerked me off biting my neck and I was about to cum right as she stopped because someone walked in and she was scared someone would see.  We didn’t do anything after that but I didn’t care, she was holding my arm and I loved it.  On the drive to her place I could only drive with one hand because her arm was wrapped around my other one and holding my hand laying on me basically. I didn’t mind, I loved it. I dropped her off at home and went back to my place only driving with one hand still because I could still feel her holding my arm like a good girl.  In the end I realized it didn’t mater if she has a boyfriend or messes around with other people, because I own her no mater what. She can’t resist me the same way I can’t resist her. - Sounds like an exciting time for you! I feel bad that she’s moving away. ❤❤❤❤   - Do you have a sexy story to tell? Submit it along with a picture or gif that goes with your story. Please make sure your story is edited and looks as you would like it to appear. Submit to my inbox only. Let me know if you would like credit to a specific page /blog or if you would like to remain anonymous. 

Best Cock Of The Day Contest

Once upon a time on this stream I posted every cock picture that was sent to me. However, it was taking a lot of time for me to post ALL of the cocks and so I decided to have a contest in which guys can send in their cock pics and I will pick the top 3 each day! Submit as many photos as you like. ALL cock pics will stay in my pending post for me to enjoy, but I will choose the best 3 each day from ALL of the pics in my pending posts. 

I also accept photos of Sluts and Couples. I post all of them as they come in on my blog.

If you want to submit to ME only, please just label your photo with the word “Private” and I will keep it for myself. 

I enjoy all types of photos, so please don’t hesitate to send a hot pic of you enjoying my stream. I love absolutely every photo I get and I look forward to seeing yours in my box soon. 
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16 minutes ago


I just got verified and I wanna know what my first video should be?? Hehe ♡♡♡

Horny girl

Any girls wana hook up in Sydney
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21 minutes ago


Catch me live tonight on chaturbate! - IntentsFlavors
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PUBLIC BUS .....  
I want your cum
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46 minutes ago
Any good pron movie recomandation for tonight ?
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52 minutes ago
Make this pussy tap tf out
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52 minutes ago

1,000 Friends!!!!!!!

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