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Come and play with me!

I just got online, come play with me
I am horny
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My First Gloryholes

Hey guys!

I was supposed to work on another story but decided to work on a new one in between. It has two parts, posting the first one right now and tomorrow the 2nd and last part will be posted. Enjoy

Me and my friend are total sluts and proud of it. We’re both 18 years old and we’re both in our last school year enjoying each other’s company in the same classes. The entire school know we are sluts by what we do, act and dress. A lot of girls are looking at us in a disgusting way, but honestly I don’t care… we chose to be like this and take everything that comes with this life style. Most boys are drooling over us so we never lack attention and it doesn’t take much to make them do anything for us.

One thing my friend and I love to do is playing games, and not just innocent games you might have played at school, but I mean real slutty games. They are like truth or dare games but only by doing dares. We always try to make it as sexy as possible and try to expand our limits which is part of the fun. The game is played by having one of us give the other a dare. Only one can be given a day until we complete it. Completing it means the other gets a turn to give dares. Since yesterday it has been Susan’s turn to give me a dare and she told me to jerk off one of the nerds during lunch break but I really didn’t feel like doing it. So I didn’t do it so today she gave me a new dare...

My friend told me to give a blowjob inside the ‘Erotic Kitten’ which is a sex store in town where they also have private rooms. My first thought was like no way but on second thought the idea made me very excited and got my pussy a little wet. So after school I went home and put on different clothes to make me look a bit older. You have to be 21 years old to get inside the Erotic Kitten, but I’m only 18 years old. I put on a black ruffled mini skirt, a light pink crop top and light pink heels. I put my hair in a ponytail with a little pink bow attached and used light make up with pink lipstick. I especially accentuated my eyes with black eyeliner and somewhat darker eye shadow to give me that older look. I looked into the mirror and realized that I went a little too far… I looked like a young cum hungry pornstar ready to shoot a slutty porn movie. I wasn’t too sure if my older look would work well with my ponytail with pink bow and my belly on display. But decided that it had to do once I looked on my clock. I didn’t have any time left because it’s already 4pm and the store will close at 5pm.

So now I’m standing outside across the street from the store. I’m incredibly nervous now, which I didn’t expect but I think that’s because I’ve never been inside such a store before. I walk up to the door and push it open and walk inside. The door closes with a creaking sound which made half the store goggle me when I enter. All I can see are men and most of them just keep staring at me as if I’m an alien. I shrug of the stares and decide to start looking around, genuinely interested in what they sell here. I see a lot of DVD’s with obvious porn content on them with women on each DVD cover who look just as slutty as I am right now. Only some of them have cum on their face or on their tits. A little further I see all kinds of fetish tools like handcuffs, collars, chains, ropes and the most craziest outfits in leather and latex. I see they also have all kinds of vibrators and dildo’s. Especially the different shapes and sizes of dildo’s got my attention, thinking about how they would feel like inside my pussy. I wonder if you could try on dildo’s like you can try out clothes...

Before I forget, I’m here on a mission and don’t have time to stand here and admire the many toys, so I force myself to get to the store counter. A nerdy bad shaved, skinny, tall guy with dark hair and glasses is standing behind the counter and looking me up and down with a slight grin on his face as I walk up to him. Without any delay I bend over the counter and whisper near his ear “I’d like to give someone a blowjob.” He looks me in the eyes for a few seconds and turns away to walk around the counter.

“Come with me,” the nerdy store guy says to me. I follow him through the store and sense all men following me into the back while staring at my ass. We reach a door at the end and he opens it, I follow him inside until he suddenly stops. “This room is probably what you’re looking for, you can do whatever you want here,” he gestures towards the door and without saying anything I go inside...

To be Continued...
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