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gangbang now please ;3 !!!!

I Really Really Wish i could be in a room with all of those cock that got posted on my walls right now thank you so much guyz please rape me with your big cocks abuse the slutty fuckmeat i am !!! 
wrote a post
18 minutes ago
Message Me If Your Dick Hard or Pussy Wet . I'm Horny As Fuck , Pussy Dripping . Let's Have Fun 💦💦
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18 minutes ago

;) i want ur answers

1. Your Name?
2. Your Age?
3. Favorite position (s)?
4. Do you think I'm hot?
5. Would you have sex with me?
6. Would you take a shower with me?
7. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?
8. Would you leave after or stay the night?
9. Do you like cuddling afterwards?
10. Condom or skin?
11. Do you give Oral pleasures?
12. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures?
13. Would you have sex on the first date?
14. Could you have a one night stand with me?
15. Would you kiss me during sex?
16. Do you think I would be good in bed?
17. Lights on or off?
18. how many times you wanna make me cum?
19. Would you ever have a threesome with me?
20. Long sensual love making or hot and hard fucking?
21. do you enjoy foreplay and how long should it be?
22. Where would you want to have sex?
23. Where would you like to cum?
24. How many times would you like to cum for me a day?
25. What else would you like to do to me?
wrote a post
34 minutes ago
It's always the quiet ones... ;-)

So I did something naughty...

This is the first time I ever did this.. I'm still shaking! Never thought I had it in me to do something this crazy. I still can't believe it.. Anyways, here it is:

So... It's Friday afternoon, which means I have a long weekend of work ahead of me at the bar. Usually Fridays mean I have to do my "chores", but today I decided to slack. So I'm just chilling on my couch, watching Parks and Recreation, and I'm wearing a ratty old tshirt and panties (my house is a strict no-pants zone), and I just start sliding my fingers along the edge. Not really masturbating, just like.. chilling with my hand down there. This goes for about 10 minutes, and the episode end, and I happen to look outside my window and notice my neighbor, with whom I share a tight little alley-way, is watching me. And his hands were nowhere in sight. My first instinct was to stop, jump up, and close the curtains, right?? I mean, the guy was a total perv! After a couple of seconds, trying to calm myself, I noticed I was actually pretty flattered that he thought I was hot. And that in itself is pretty hot, right? So fuck it. I opened the curtains again. He wasn't there, but I kind of figured he wasn't very far off, or at least that he would come back and peep again. So I set myself in position. This time I took off my panties and put on a camisole top that's loose enough to make my tits peek out from the cleavage. He still didn't show up at my window, but I kept going. This time I was SO WET. I'm moaning and rolling my eyes, and when I open them, he's back with this shocked look on his face. I bet he wasn't expecting me to be back or to be game for more. This time I look him right in the face, rub my pussy faster and harder, and make myself cum. I'm sure even with the windows closed he could hear me scream. Once my body stops spasming and I recompose myself, I get up and walk up to the window. He's still there. I don't know if he came or not, and honestly I don't care. I get to the window, take my still-wet fingers and stick them in my mouth, this time close enough to look him right in the eye. And I turn around and walk away.

This happened about 20 minutes ago. It was, hands down, the sexiest experience of my life. And by far the kinkiest thing I've ever done! But it's like it changed something in me. I like this side of me, so adventurous and naughty. I made a promise to myself to from now on do more crazy stuff like this. And you guys are going to hear about it. If you want, of course. Let me know if you want me to do this. It'll be good for me to come (cum?) out of my shell more.

Have a good weekend everybody! xoxox
wrote a post
40 minutes ago



yet to cum

I'm haven't cummed yet
- uploaded 37 new photo(s)
51 minutes ago
Rubbing my pussy (; phonesex anyone?

More to cumm

As i slowly kiss u from ur lips 2 ur dick i stop 2 insert ur big juicy dick into my mouth i suck on it until its nice n hard then i get on my knees and u insert it into my juicy wet pussy and pump harder and harder until we both cum then i put ur dick back into my mouth and clean you off!
- uploaded 11 new video(s)
56 minutes ago
- uploaded 62 new photo(s)
1 hour ago
- uploaded 14 new video(s)
1 hour ago
Hey everyone I am very sorry I have not been uploading new videos when I was uploading 1 new video my entire internet crashed on me now every time I turn it on all it shows is a blinking light at the left hand side of the screen but not worry I've been making videos while my internet down and when I get my 8 year old lap top working again I will upload them hope you keep liking my videos love you all!
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