Pornhub Traffic During the 2014 FIFA World Cup


As the world followed the 2014 FIFA Finals, the Pornhub Statisticians followed the world by seeing how the semifinal and championship matches affected traffic to the world’s best and biggest adult site. After a grueling tournament full of highs and lows, Argentina and Germany were the last 2 standing. Both soccer powers demonstrated that their READ MORE

YouPorn Traffic During the 2014 FIFA World Cup


YouPorn, the award winning adult video streaming website measured how the 2014 World Cup affected European traffic when it comes to adult content. While some countries banned their players from having sex during the tournament, YouPorn traffic during the World Cup shows us that European football fans, as well as fans worldwide, are enjoying much READ MORE

Pornhub Comments

PHMKT-268 Cover photo - pornhub comments insight

If there’s one thing the internet has taught us, it’s that everyone has an opinion. As Pornhub has grown from a video tube site to a social community of porn lovers, the number of video comments has increased exponentially in the last few years. The popular tumblr page Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos is a READ MORE

Pornhub & Mexico


The Pornhub statisticians are on the move again! We've been all across the USA, and spent some time with our Canadian buds up North. Now it’s time to head South of the border - down Mexico way - to see what our Pornhub amigos are into. Our invitation to Mexico came from our friends at READ MORE

Pornhub & Switzerland


The Pornhub statisticians are back in Europe, this time to visit the country of Switzerland. This land-locked country is bordered by several other countries including Italy in the south, France to the west, Germany to the north and Austria to the east. Because of this, Switzerland actually has 4 official languages including German, French, Italian READ MORE

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