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Pornhub & Belgium


Our journey through Europe continues as this time our Pornhub statisticians examine the porn viewing habits of Belgium. In terms of visitors, the land of waffles, pralines and Tintin ranks 19th worldwide. Given its size, it is safe to assume that Belgium loves Pornhub!

Pornhub & Malta


Welcome to another edition of our series analyzing how different countries around the world use Pornhub. This time we’re looking at the relationship between the site and the beautiful country of Malta. For our reviewing pleasure, our skilled analysts provided us with some interesting figures regarding how the Maltese spend their time on the world’s largest porn site,, which receives 35 million daily visits.

Pornhub & Philippines


This time our Pornhub statisticians find themselves in the Southeast Asian nation of the Philippines. As the world’s largest porn site, boasts an average of 35 million daily visitors. In 2013, the Philippines ranked 26th in worldwide traffic to Pornhub, but interestingly they ranked a solid 15th for visitors using mobile devices. That’s quite a significant difference!

Pornhub & Canada


We’re back to take a deeper look into Canada’s porn data, analyzed by our highly trained team of statisticians. As the world’s biggest porn site, averages 35 million visitors each day and that almost equals the entire population of Canada! Right now it’s January, and that’s one of the coldest months of the year up North. It’s also the month that Canada spends the most time on Pornhub. Coincidence? As well, Mondays see the highest levels of traffic meaning Canadians, like many others worldwide, come to us after a long day’s work to release all that built up pressure.

YouPorn & Italy


Continuing our tour of what gets people going around the world, our crack team of statisticians headed to the Mediterranean to take a look at the porn viewing habits of Italy. This time our data comes from, one of the most popular sites in the Pornhub Network.

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