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Pornhub Traffic Trends Driven by Worldwide Events

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The Pornhub statisticians have been hard at work measuring the impact of various worldwide events on the traffic numbers of the world’s biggest porn site. With over 1 billion monthly visits the amount of data was immense to process and analysis, the result of their long Red Bull fuelled nights is the infographic below for your data pleasure. The stats show that people pull themselves away from their favorite website just long enough to watch things like the Olympics, the World Series, Presidential elections etc. We can form this conclusion based upon the actual drops in traffic to Pornhub during these events in different regions throughout the world. We also observed that traffic spikes as soon as the event ends and we’re here to welcome you with open arms.

The following interactive infographic breaks down how world events affect porn viewing, and teach us lessons about human behavior.


Pornhub Offer to help Obama admin Get it Up… ACA website that is, which knows a thing or two about hosting millions of concurrent users, has officially offered the services of its talented engineers to help the Obama administration avoid future tech surges and bring affordable healthcare to all Americans. When the Obamacare website went down, Corey Price, Pornhub’s VP started thinking.. “It just came to me; our business is handling high traffic, we could definitely help”. And help is what he’s set out to do!

Below is a copy of the official letter.



Austria & Pornhub Statistics


It’s always fun to check out different parts of the world and see what really interests people in specific countries with regard to their viewing habits on Pornhub. There are horny people everywhere, this is a fact.. What turns them on seems to range by country. The Pornhub statisticians have crunched the numbers; here are the results from Freud’s homeland.


Could you be a Cuckold?


Do you know what “Cuckolding” is?

Know it or not, like it or not, it’s something that is regularly searched for.

According to the The Free Dictionary, a cuckold is “A submissive husband with a wife who takes on alpha-male lovers whereby the wife’s sexual pleasures become the husband’s vicarious sexual pleasures and experiences.” To each their own – don’t anybody judge, you all have your fetishes!


November Polls


For us here at Pornhub, it doesn’t take much to get us turned on.

Even every-day products make us horny! Ever catch a glimpse of an Aunt Jemima bottle from the perfect angle? You know, in that perfect light – what a handsome woman… Many of our favorite logos feature some highly bangable babes.

Now friends, we ask you; who’s the hottest?


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