Porn on the Go: Mobile Traffic Takeover


Marketing intelligence firm SimilarWeb uses a wide variety of data sources to create an accurate and reliable picture of the digital world. One of their primary services is to rank the popularity of the world’s websites based on traffic volume. Until recently, SimilarWeb reported that Pornhub was the 38th most popular website in the world. Impressive, right?

But SimilarWeb has now became the first company to provide website rankings that includes mobile devices. This revision now shows that Pornhub is the 23rd most popular website in the world! That means Pornhub now has higher online visits globally than giants like eBay, MSN or Netflix.

The following chart illustrates why the inclusion of mobile traffic so drastically changes Pornhub’s web ranking. Since 2010, visits from mobile devices have grown a staggering 1424%. That means that today, more of Pornhub’s 60+ million daily visitors get off on-the-go using their smartphones than all other platforms combined.


Ghost Nut Busters


The first new Ghostbusters movie in nearly 30 years was released on July 14, and it seems that people were due for some ghostly action. Our friends at Bustle asked us to take a look and see if the ghostly phenomenon made it’s way onto Pornhub as well. Indeed, our statisticians found that in the week leading up to the movie, ghost related searches began to increase steadily on Pornhub, reaching 178% above average by July 18th.


Porn and the Married Man


Pornhub Insights recently released statistics on the popularity of Wedding Porn including searches about brides, grooms and their honeymoons. The folks at then asked us what happens to men after the knot is tied. Are fantasies involving ‘married men’ a popular porn genre? Read on to find out.


Pornhub Emoji: Express Yourself


Smile! July 17th is World Emoji Day, so we’re celebrating with our friends at Vocative by taking a look at the Emoji and Emoticons people use to express themselves on Pornhub. Pornhub has more than 10 million registered users, and many people take part in our active community by commenting on videos and photos and even maintaining their own blog stream. Since 2014, people have left more than 12 million comments on Pornhub, and over 1.5 million of those comments contain some form of Emoticon or Emoji.


Cyprus Insights


The folks at Politis asked our statisticians to review the porn habits of Cyprus. We found that this island country ranks 82nd for traffic to Pornhub, but that’s nearly half its rank of 152nd worldwide for population. The average Cypriot spends only 5 seconds longer on Pornhub than the world average, but 29% of visitors are women – a full 5% more than Pornhub’s average. Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to visit Pornhub and Friday is the least popular, but more visitors go to Pornhub from 3pm to 4pm in the afternoon than at any other time of the day.


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