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Most Searched For Occupations


For many people, porn is all about fantasy – either to escape from reality, or to turn real life situations into sexy encounters. Nowadays, Pornstars must be masters at not only banging, but acting out roles to properly set the scene.

Our friends at Digg wanted to know what occupations were the most searched for among Pornhub users when they’re looking to escape the drudgery of everyday life. Our (mostly dirty) minds immediately thought of several cliched porn professions, like pizza delivery boys and plumbers.

To see what users are really searching for, we asked our trusty Pornhub Statisticians (a porn profession in it’s own right) to dig through the data (for Digg) and let us know the results. Read on to see what the Top 12 sexy jobs are on Pornhub.

Red Versus Blue US States


Who watches more porn – Republicans or Democrats? That’s the latest question our friends at Buzzfeed posed to us. Previously, Buzzfeed asked us which states watch more gay porn – and the results were quite interesting.

This time around, our Pornhub Statisticians set out to answer their question by first looking at the viewing habits of all the states across the US of A. Once we knew the average number of pages viewed per visit residents of each state, we compared that to the current population and political preferences.

Some interesting trends started to appear as they crunched the numbers, and that gave rise to another question – given the per capita pageviews for each state, was it possible to use porn habits to predict election results? Read on to find out!

Popularity of Duke Pornstar Belle Knox on Pornhub

Belle Knox Pornhub Popularity

Belle Knox is hardly the first University student to do porn in order to pay tuition, but she’s the first whose outing by a fellow student caused a national firestorm of media coverage. In case you haven’t caught wind of this story yet, here’s the low down. Belle Knox (a.k.a. The Duke University Pornstar), a freshman at Duke University, was outed when a classmate of hers recognized her from one of her videos.

News of Belle’s part time porn work took off like a firestorm, starting mid-February in Durham (where Duke University is located), then across North Carolina, the United States and Worldwide. Pornhub’s statisticians analyzed the data in these key regions to see how interest in her videos compared to the international media coverage her story received.

Pornhub’s Top Search Terms in US Cities


Pornhub Insights previously told us what users from each state search for on Pornhub, and how long they last on the site. This time our statisticians got together with the folks at Digg to find out what the Top 5 search terms are in major cities across the United States. In addition we analyzed which pornstars are the most popular. Perennial MILF favorite “Lisa Ann” still tops the list in most cities, but new babes like reality star “Farrah Abraham” and Duke University student “Belle Knox” managed to take the top spot in some places.

Porn Equality – Gay Viewers by US State


If it’s true what they say about married couples not having sex, then many are still turning to porn for their sexual satisfaction.

Pornhub recently got together with our friends at Buzzfeed to bring you our latest porn statistics. They asked us if the same might be true about gay married couples? Do the states with legalized gay marriage watch more gay porn than the states where it is still illegal?

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