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Pornhub Supports Google Chromecast


We have some exciting news for our Pornhub fans with Android devices. You can now enjoy all of your favorite Pornhub videos on your TV using Google Chromecast!

Pornhub has long supported Apple Airplay devices, allowing you to stream videos from your iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV. We’re now pleased to offer the same convenience to the millions of loyal users who visit us each day from their Android devices.

United States vs Russia


There’s no doubt that political tensions have risen between the United States and Russia lately. So our friends at Vice asked the Pornhub Statisticians to crunch some numbers and see what both super-powers are doing to relieve their tensions. Seems like a little spy work is required. Mission accepted.

Pornhub Traffic in Spain During the UEFA Final


The folks at PolicyMic asked the Pornhub Statisticians to take a look at how the televised UEFA Champions League Final affected traffic to Pornhub. The final match was between two teams based in Madrid, Spain: Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid so we expected to see some major traffic changes in this region.

Pornhub & Germany


From giving us the first campy vintage XXX to hardcore scenes beyond your kinkiest dreams, good old Germany goes with porn like sauerkraut and frankfurters, which is why our friends at asked the Pornhub Statisticians to take a closer look at the porn viewing habits of Germans.


It turns out that Germany is the 4th most visited country to Pornhub, and broken down further, it’s the 10th most visited from Mobile devices and the 3rd most visited from Desktop computers.

Most Searched For Occupations


For many people, porn is all about fantasy – either to escape from reality, or to turn real life situations into sexy encounters. Nowadays, Pornstars must be masters at not only banging, but acting out roles to properly set the scene.

Our friends at Digg wanted to know what occupations were the most searched for among Pornhub users when they’re looking to escape the drudgery of everyday life. Our (mostly dirty) minds immediately thought of several cliched porn professions, like pizza delivery boys and plumbers.

To see what users are really searching for, we asked our trusty Pornhub Statisticians (a porn profession in it’s own right) to dig through the data (for Digg) and let us know the results. Read on to see what the Top 12 sexy jobs are on Pornhub.

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