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Porn Equality – Gay Viewers by US State


If it’s true what they say about married couples not having sex, then many are still turning to porn for their sexual satisfaction.

Pornhub recently got together with our friends at Buzzfeed to bring you our latest porn statistics. They asked us if the same might be true about gay married couples? Do the states with legalized gay marriage watch more gay porn than the states where it is still illegal?

Pornhub & Serbia


This time around, the Pornhub statisticians set their sights on the Southeast European Republic of Serbia – home of the electrifying scientist Nikola Tesla. So did we discover any ‘shocking’ insights while looking at the ‘current’ porn habits of Serbians? Read on to find out!

Serbians spend on average just 7 minutes and 6 seconds per visit to Pornhub, far short of the worldwide average of 8 minutes and 51 seconds. Compare these numbers to other countries we’ve studied like the United Kingdom, where they average 9 min 42 secs and the United States with 10 min 39 secs.

Pornhub Traffic During the Olympic Opening Ceremony


The long awaited Sochi Olympics are officially underway! In this edition we will be hard at work to show which countries are more excited by the Olympic Opening ceremonies than they are by the world’s number 1 adult website (at least temporarily). As we saw in 2010 and 2012, the host countries log off of Pornhub to watch the start of their Olympic journey. This time around, Russia recorded a 15% drop while all eyes were on Sochi, compared to a 17% drop in Canada for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and a massive 27% drop in the UK for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Pornhub Traffic Change During Super Bowl XLVIII

Pornhub 2014 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, for many men and women in America, is something that can’t be matched by anything else in the world. The Pornhub Insights team has previously studied how major world events affect porn viewing habits. This time around, our number-hungry statisticians eagerly awaited the kick-off of the year’s biggest game, not just to watch the action unfold, but to also see how traffic changed on the world’s biggest porn site.


The traffic drop on Pornhub just prior to the big game showed the level of excitement going on across the entire United States. The two states with the highest traffic drops to Pornhub were of course Colorado State with an 18% drop and Washington State which saw a decrease of 20% – they must have gotten their porn viewing out of the way earlier. The national drop to the site was 6% which is significant for a country of 314 million people!

Pornhub & South Africa


Bust out the vuvuzelas because on this edition of Pornhub Insights we explore South Africa. Often referred to as ‘the Rainbow Nation’, South Africa is indeed a multi-ethnic country with 11 official languages. Given such diversity, we here at Pornhub asked ourselves if South Africans showed the same diversity when it came to their porn viewing habits? So without further delay let’s get right into it!

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