Video Gamers & Pornhub


Pornhub strives to always give the best user experience possible, no matter what platform our users are accessing the site from. Game consoles are no exception, and our engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that Pornhub would be fully supported on the PS4 and Xbox One systems at their launch (along with continued support for the PS3 and Wii).

Judging by the metrics assembled by our statisticians, we can see that gamers tend to spend more time, watch more videos, and have a lower bounce rate than the overall site average…. It’s all about porn on the big screen!

December Polls

December Surveys!

Welcome to December everyone!

With the temperatures starting to dip, and Thanksgiving in our rear view mirrors, these polls are all about staying inside where it’s warm!

This month, Pornhub wants to know which popular Instagram girl you think is the sexiest, what cartoon character you’re drawn to, and where is the best place for office romance — remember, Christmas party season will be starting soon, so this could be valuable information!

Pornhub Traffic During and After Thanksgiving


Every year, we get together with family to enjoy great food, share some laughs, and watch football. This begs the question, where does porn viewing fit into this equation?

As the largest adult website in the world, Pornhub is thankful to accommodate over 35 million daily visits from our friends around the world. That being said, we’re always a little bit disappointed when people choose family time over Pornhub time, each and every year on Thanksgiving.  Of course we kid – family time is important – but so is watching porn!

To see just how drastic this annual turkey-related traffic-exodus is, we recalled our dutiful Pornhub statisticians, who, after apologizing to their families, set about crunching the numbers.


Level of Income Affects Porn Viewing Habits


Our latest behavioral study came after the folks at posed the question: “Who watches more porn; people living in cities with higher or lower average income?”  After determining the Top 10 cities at either end of the income spectrum, Pornhub’s diligent statisticians set to work crunching the numbers, and the results were interesting.  A definite gap exists between the viewing habits in America’s wealthiest and poorest cities.


Pornhub Traffic Trends Driven by Worldwide Events

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The Pornhub statisticians have been hard at work measuring the impact of various worldwide events on the traffic numbers of the world’s biggest porn site. With over 1 billion monthly visits the amount of data was immense to process and analysis, the result of their long Red Bull fuelled nights is the infographic below for your data pleasure. The stats show that people pull themselves away from their favorite website just long enough to watch things like the Olympics, the World Series, Presidential elections etc. We can form this conclusion based upon the actual drops in traffic to Pornhub during these events in different regions throughout the world. We also observed that traffic spikes as soon as the event ends and we’re here to welcome you with open arms.

The following interactive infographic breaks down how world events affect porn viewing, and teach us lessons about human behavior.


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