United Kingdom’s Footballer Searches


Our friends over at Dream Team FC were curious to know which football stars got the most play on Pornhub. Our statisticians got to work, and the result is the chart that you see below which ranks the top searched soccer players on our site, in the United Kingdom. The clear frontrunner is Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, followed in second place by Mr. Posh Spice himself, David Beckham. Argentina‘s Lionel Messi nabs third place. Even though there is no actual content on Pornhub depicting any of these footballers getting frisky, this list paints a clear picture of who the UK wishes there were sex tapes available from.


It’s All Coming up Anal


Just around a year ago we teamed up with Vice for a long hard look into America’s obsession with all things anal. We’re pairing up with them once more to patch up some of the gaping holes that were left in our last report and are specifically going to be looking at search trends surrounding anal content on Pornhub from 2009 until now, on a global level. There appears to be some substantial fiber to this #2 round of anal-specific data, so let’s get started.


Pornhub & Greece


Χαίρετε from Greece! After having carefully studied a bunch of other Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy and Croatia to name a few, our statisticians have been curious about the viewing habits of our users in Greece for quite some time now. Currently ranking 21st worldwide in terms of the number of visitors to Pornuhb, the Greek are quite the patriotic bunch when it comes to the type of content they enjoy on the site, as we’ll see later on in our coverage. We’re bringing you this and more in the latest installment of Insights, let’s get started.


Going Down Under: Australia


For today’s installment of Pornhub Insights, our dedicated team of statisticians is digging through the data in a land down under. Australia is currently the country that ranks 7th in the world for most traffic to Pornhub, and we are well overdue for a look at how Aussies get down with the largest adult site in the world. We’re coming at you today with everything from Australia’s most searched porn terms to how Pornhub traffic was affected during the AFL Grand Final. We took note of several fascinating trends here in the country that has blessed the world with inventions like the UGG boots and the selfie, so let’s get started!


Halloween on Pornhub

halloween 3

Unsurprisingly, a holiday that successfully combines revealing costumes, candy, partying, and a dash of the occult for good measure, is a sure favorite here at Pornhub. We’ve covered every holiday from Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter,  so and it was high time that our statisticians dig out the Halloween data. To celebrate the spookiest day of the year, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Mic.com to see which scary search terms tend to increase in popularity leading up to All Hallows’ Eve.


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