Porn’s Operating System Battle


For some geeks, an operating system is like a religion – it defines who they are and how they lead their online life. And indeed some diehards will defend their OS choice to the very end. Our techie friends at Gizmodo wondered just how deeply ingrained an OS might be in the user’s psyche. Could READ MORE

Pornhub & Norway


On this edition of Pornhub Insights, our globe-trotting statisticians take a look at the Kingdom of Norway. With a population of just over 5 million people, it manages to snag the 31st position worldwide in terms of visitors. Not too shabby if you ask us. So without further ado let’s dive right in and take READ MORE

Pornhub Supports Google Chromecast


We have some exciting news for our Pornhub fans with Android devices. You can now enjoy all of your favorite Pornhub videos on your TV using Google Chromecast! Pornhub has long supported Apple Airplay devices, allowing you to stream videos from your iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV. We’re now pleased to offer the READ MORE

Pornhub & Finland

Pornhub Insights Finland

Once again our Pornhub statisticians are on the move, this time travelling to the land of the midnight sun: Finland. Out of Pornhub’s 35 million daily visitors Finland ranked 30th in overall traffic. However, the home of Nokia boasts the 17th position worldwide on mobile. Not bad for a country of 5.5 million inhabitants. It READ MORE

Pornhub & The Netherlands


It’s time for another one of our insights into Pornhub’s traffic and this time we are looking at The Netherlands. To us, they are more than gorgeous women, pot brownies and great memories. Out of Pornhub’s 35 million daily visitors, The Netherlands are the 15th largest source of overall traffic (and 13th among mobile viewers). READ MORE

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