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SexistPigPornAdict - 72 videos
Tags: rough, gag, slap, choke, abuse, degrade

Description: Fuck vanilla porn. That's for pussies. This playlist is devoted to cunts who love being used, abused and dominated by strong sexist pig men, existing only to be our cum receptacles, then being locked in cages in our dungeons til we need to drain our nuts again. Let the whore abuse begin. This is their purpose in life.

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2 years ago
Awesome work!! This is the best playlist!
2 years ago
love this!
1 year ago
this is a fucking godsend, keep up the good work
1 year ago
Thanks brother; I have some insane feminist cunt stalker who keeps down voting, which is why the rating is in negative territory; I war that as badge of honor LOL:).
1 year ago
♥ it very much :-*
2 years ago
this is my FAVORITE Playlist
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