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Harry Louis

Harry Louis

Just seeing Harry Louis is enough to make your meat pole want to do a salute to his homo hotness and horniness. You wish he were your drill sergeant who drills you so deep, it leaves your back hole steaming for days to come, making your butt an ever-exploding froth fountain. He’ll get your balls acting like a landmine going off at the slightest touch, blasting your jizz all over your computer screen. Hailing from sunny Brazil and the sexy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Harry Louis made sure he would reach the top – and bottom – and there is only one way for such a gay fuck stud to reach the top in that country: sucking churros and fucking bottoms all day long! So in 2008, this hunk went straight from day school into the school of hard cocks. It’s no surprise why Harry Louis is among the most sought-after flesh cannons in the biz. This bearded dream boy is everyone’s favorite gay spunk junky. With his sweet brown Bambi eyes, he can undress you by just shooting you a glance. Next thing you know, you’re taking out your banana and letting him peel it with his sexy Latino lips to drain your testicular coconut milk. This gym-loving stud has a trained body which is always fit to slaughter some boy toy. For a guaranteed steamy South American gay sex wad, Harry Louis is your ticket to unload.
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