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Jimmy Clay

Jimmy Clay

Jimmy Clay, sometimes known as Jimmy Coxx, is a fine example of the versatility of the human spirit. He grew up pretty typically in his Puerto Rican town, minding his own business, soaking up the sun and checking out the babes, when a gay porn scout sighted him. This porn scout went up to Jimmy to ask what it would take to get him in some sweat-filled gay action, and Jimmy, always being open to trying new things, agreed to give it a shot. Well, Jimmy didn’t shy away for a second from taking those dicks in his face and ass like a total champ. After a while, it wasn’t even the money that kept him coming back, but the simple love of the taste of a dick down his throat, and the feeling of a bearish gay hunk tearing his asshole wide open. Jimmy is super cut and super strong, and he puts all his energy into delivering fine shows every time he hears the word ‘action’. He’s got a thousand-yard stare in his eyes and some thick, pouty lips which engulf those man-shafts beautifully. Whether he’s doing some top-heavy hammer jobs, or being a supercharged power bottom, or even if he’s in an orgiastic gay sandwich, Jimmy’s looks, cock, ass and action always steal the show. So for all the guys who are curious about what it takes to switch sides, and if it’s worth it, just take a look at how happy Jimmy Clay is with a wad of man-cum all over his face.
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