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Lia Lor

Lia Lor

Lia Lor is constantly setting the bar for how many dicks a young slut should be able to service back to back. She’s a certified miracle slut junky whose pretty little mouth seems to do the impossible when she opens wide enough for the thickest black boners to comfortably fit in there. Lia has also perfected the art of clit teasing, labia nibbling and pussy-hole tongue fucking. Every babe in the biz wants a scene with Lia so they can let her mouth take their cunts straight to the orgasm zone while Lia feeds off those sweet ‘n’ savory girl juices. Lia comes from a small town in Texas, and grew up admiring the Longhorns as much as she adores having long crotch-horns spearing up inside her today. She was a perfect darling in during her studies, combining a sharp intelligence and a school spirit that made everyone think so highly of her. In her private time, however, Lia also wanted to sink down into the depths of sexual depravity, not giving a fuck what her classmates would think. She dropped out and gave up her cheerleader pompoms and soon got started on the road to vaginal fulfillment. With her perky tits and smooth bubbly ass, Lia didn’t need to flaunt her goods around for long before the studios came banging on her door. In no time, she’s shot for every major company, in every genre, having won over wet pussies and hard dicks all over the Internet.
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Born: 1990-09-21
Height: 5 ft 5 in (166 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
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