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Tina Blade

Tina Blade

Tina Blade is a darling in so many ways. Cute as a kitten, sweet as cherry pie, light as a helium fuck doll, and hornier than a certified pervert all alone in a porn museum. She comes from Croatia, that little Adriatic nation tucked between mainland Europe and the beginning of the Middle East, bringing with her all the best features of both worlds. A little bit of Balkan Slut, a tiny bit of Eastern allure, and 100% ready to get poked and nobbed by big hungry dicks with gobs of spunk to spew on her tight body. Tina is the proud owner of a natural pair of tits perky enough to help you give up coffee if you could wake up staring at them every morning. She has a stick-thin waist and tiny ass with just enough juicy flesh on it to pad your crotch when you’re bumping up against her rear end. Tina loves to fuck, and needs it in every hole, and gladly bounces on those dicks between her tight vajayjay and her tighter asshole. When those cocks come out of her all throbbing and slimy, she needs to give them a good rinse off in her whorish Balkan feeder. When Tina doesn’t have a dick on her radar, she’s happy going downtown in some lesbo snatch. Those girls also know how to make Tina’s pussy gush and squirt when they give her a tantalizing tongue job.
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Born: 1990-10-22
Birthplace: Varazdin, Croatia
Height: 5 ft 5 in (164 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
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