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Traci Lords

Traci Lords

No “I Love the ‘80s” special is complete without a feature on Traci Lords. Just make sure it’s after hours so that you can watch in the comfort of your private wank zone. This girl is a notorious fuck legend whose origins in the biz are too scandalous for us to go into detail about. We will say this, though: Traci Lords defined the teen genre long before the Internet associated the word ‘teen’ with the word ‘slut’. By the time she was rounding off her 18th year, she had already starred in over 100 movies; that’s a lot of fucking in such a short time. Traci’s look is iconic for the era – big teased hair, bright red painted lips, and a thick and curly twat bush. She’s got nice pointy tits that can fuck your mouth, with huge areolas and big hard nipples. What really defined Traci’s appearance is that mean, snarling whorish look on her face that warns you to put out or get the fuck out, because she has no time for nice boys. Traci needs hard dick and lots of it, and some occasional pussy. You might also know Traci from the countless mainstream appearances she’s done having been a favorite actress of the smutty, filthy-minded film director John Waters. With her legendary history, her books and her singing, it’s good to sometimes go back and re-watch the original footage that made this girl a star, as it will still make your dick shoot cum-rockets across the room.
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