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Yuffie Yulan

Yuffie Yulan

Some of us like to dream about our favorite porn stars in white satin angel outfits, lying spread-eagle on the clouds. Others close their eyes and picture dark, mysterious vixens clad in skin-tight black leather, carrying whips and dildos out of the hot pits of hell. Whatever your flavor may be, Yuffie Yulan can transform herself into the fuck buddy of your filthy fantasies faster than you can unzip your trousers and drop your knickers. Yuffie is a super-horny cougar whose sweet pussy gets extra wet when her screw scenes require her to dress up and do cosplay kink. This full-bodied broad comes from Derby, England, know for their cows with big udders. It only makes sense then that Yuffie has a mind-boggling pair of 34-K jugs. Her tits could hold enough milky goodness to quench the fires of a million loins burning over her creamy naked body. Yuffie’s also got a few extra talents hidden up her holes. When she gets some good vaginal stimulation, that snatch of hers is known to erupt like a filthy fire hydrant. She’s also a the skilled practitioner in the fine art of she-banging, where she straps on a massive dildo and goes to town on a fuck hole – doesn’t matter if it’s male or female, Yuffie will ram it into orgasmic oblivion. This is one tough bird who’s ready to put all her weight to work in demanding satisfaction. For your own safety, make sure you’ve done some hand stretches before clicking on any of Yuffie Yulan’s hardcore scenes.
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Born: 1990-06-07
Birthplace: Derby, England
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 0 lbs ( kg)
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