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Abigaile Johnson

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What can we say about another cute young blonde from the Czech Republic? Is Abigaile Johnson just another one of those magical teeny babes from the land where they pump out magical teeny babes faster than a sausage factory can squeeze out a thousand links? Well, due to the massive number of porno chicks hailing from her motherland, Abigaile is absolutely determined to make herself stand out. While she has her work cut out for her, we here at Pornhub think she’s already off to a great start. This girl dreams of America and living the Los Angeles high life, and she’s ready to put her mouth, pussy and butthole to work to help her reach those dreams. For such a petite girl with a sweetheart mouth, you’re going to be blown away when you see how she opens up wide for cocks as thick as tennis ball canisters and longer than forearms. Sure, it might look like she’s struggling, but trust us, that’s part of her act. This girl aims to please, and wants to please the whole Western world, one big hard stifferson at a time… or sometimes two at a time, or even three. There isn’t a cock in the vicinity of Abigaile’s holiest of holies that wouldn’t stretch its veiny neck out for a chance to poke around inside her fuck holes. We’d say this girl is riding a first-class ticket to mega slut stardom, and that any other up-and-coming Czech sex kitten will need to contend with Abigale on her rise to the slutty top.
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Born: 1989-11-11
Birthplace: Czech Republic
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)

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