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Adam Russo
Adam Russo
Here’s a spicy Italian sausage that will make your trouser stallion get up on its hind legs and start puffing steam out of its pee-hole. Masculine and macho, Adam Russo is a classic tough guy and hardcore workout junky, with cut muscles and toned skin. With super strength in his thighs and ass, he’s such a powerful bottom that he could bounce a twink off his dick and make him hit the celling with record-breaking force. Adam is a multitalented gay porn mega slut who’s comfortable on top, on bottom, on the side or upside down. He could suck a dick like his throat was a particle collider, shrinking thick and long mass until every inch disappears, only to come out glistening with shaft-sweat and man-milk. Adam’s piece is also one hell of a hot commodity. His cock has the perfect girth-to-length ratio, with a pink swollen head and a taught little scrote. He keeps himself neatly trimmed to the skin for maximum viewing pleasure. The way his cock burrows inside mouths and assholes, you’d think he’s put a computer chip in the head and programmed it to explore the depths of gay fuck-holes. Adam is no sweetie pie, walk in the park, gay date. He’s a bit of a hairy bear who can really get wild and feral when you need him to. After a serious homo hump session, Adam can turn into a mild teddy bear for some cuddle love, too.
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