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Alice Miller

Alice Miller

We love to see East and West getting along. When that beautiful snowy land over in Eastern Europe starts pumping out babes like Alice Miller, it’s time for everyone around the world to start pumping out jizzy scrote gifts to say thanks. Alice Miller goes by many names: Paulina, Fast Girl, Gloria, Betty D., and the list goes on. It’s as if after every hardcore fuck job she had, she felt reborn. Alice fucks like such an intense athlete, working up a sweat, slamming her hot Russian body against that dick, with full-throttle energy and never-ending adrenaline. She can even make her pussy lips flex in and out, especially when some dude or chick is crawling towards her tuna taco with an appetite to please. Alice’s body is like an earthly representation for all that is perfect and holy in the universe. The shape of her great natural tits are like teardrops of joy that end off in pretty pointed nipples. Her ass is a pale piece of perfect firmness with just the right amount of roundness and fun flesh. Of course, seeing Alice’s ass alone is only half the fun, because that ass was made for being split apart and drilled to bits by hard-as-stone bone. You rarely see Alice’s ass without that big black gape poking right through the middle. And Alice always loves to clean those anal-pumping dicks off in her whorish mouth before it’s time to receive her money-shot.
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Born: 1990-10-20
Birthplace: Russian Federation
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
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