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Alicia Rhodes

Alicia Rhodes

There’s something about British babes that absolutely reeks of intensive sluttiness, and Alicia Rhodes’ whorish core is the most powerful essence of the slut in the British Isles. Born and raised in Manchester, the birthplace of industrialization and Trip Hop, Alicia was always used to teasing the blue-collar factory workers by strutting her sultry stuff and offering quick glimpses at her amazing chest and fantastic legs. She’s a full-bodied woman with great curves at the hips, and an ass that demands respect, mostly in the form of offering to insert fingers, hands, toys and especially hard pricks into its hole. She is a blonde beauty with the kind of nasty whorish face that will simultaneously make your balls get nervous and shy, while your dick tries to reach out of your knickers to enter that hot red mouth. This girl got her start in British and European porn, but her talents and hunger for jizz proved so big, she crossed the ocean to take the USA by cum storm. Nowadays, she has done over 250 movies in every genre imaginable. She also holds a record number of awards, from Best Anal Sex Scene, to Most Original Sex Scene, and even Best Oral Sex Scene. On set, this girl is a pure bisexual, lapping cunt and slopping dick, side by side. Outside of porn, however, she generally sticks to cocks, as nothing could give her that fulfillment better than those extended meat bangers.
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Born: 1978-09-08
Birthplace: Manchester, England
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
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