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America Moore

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Sometimes, America Moore goes by the name Cody Bryant, the well-known Ebony fuck star who can handle rods better than a professional pipe cleaner; however, this babe sometimes dons the moniker America to relate just how big, awesome, and powerful her slutty magnetism truly is. She pulls poor, hungry souls into her vaginal vortex and her anal amazingness to give them a chance at liberating their ball pressure and achieving the ultimate in the pursuit of happiness… always leaving them wanting Moore. Coming from Oklahoma, where the state motto is ‘Work Conquers All’, America knew she was bound to work hard sucking dicks, eating pussy, and stuffing her vagina, if she was to achieve her destiny. With her tall legs, firm, bubbly ass, and jam-packed jugs working for her, America had a great head start on the way to porn stardom. America has another weapon in her arsenal of dick-flattering, and that’s her juicy pair of lips. Those smackers can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, though she clearly prefers flesh knobs grazing the orifice of her face. This is one Black MILF who will make any boy toy – White, Black, or any other color – feel right at home, nuzzled in her cleavage or buried face-first in her butt cheeks. Her delicious black skin only looks better when rubbed down with shiny sex oil, or smeared with a hearty serving of sticky spunk.
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Also Known As codi bryant
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