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Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

Some would call him the Justin Bieber of porn, as Andy Taylor mentions on his online profile; however, we’d take Andy’s sweet boy face, firm cut body, and rock-hard boner any day over that prancing, singing pansy-ass man-child known as the Beebs. Andy hails from the Deep South of the USA, and surely he retains some of those Southern gentlemanly qualities. Enough time working on the coast and travelling around the north has given Andy a very well-rounded perspective – especially when that perspective is one of a rising boner or expanding asshole. He’s 5’7”, 150lbs, but every inch and every ounce of his body are all in when it comes to boy-banging and homo hump sessions. Knowing he had a deep craving for dick from a young age, Andy launched his gay porn career when he turned 19. He’s an athletic type but prefers more sensitive sports like swimming and rollerblading to the tougher, more competitive kinds like football and wrestling. Andy loves going head to head in any kind of body-slamming action, butt naked with plenty of romantic fondling and groping. Not only are his pubes neatly trimmed, but his fine thrust-stick is also circumcised and sculpted to perfection. Whether he’s playing top or bottom, he gives A+ performances and needs his sticky end-of-the-day cum cocktail to unwind.
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