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Anna Malle

Anna Malle

Anna Malle’s insides are like a furnace forging a hot, filthy fire. First, because she’s just so hot, you have to wear UV protective sunglasses before watching her strip down, heave out her luscious tits, or spread her holes. Second, because when Anna fucks, she does so with all the heat and fiery intensity of a particle collider. Between her looks and her performance, your penile or twat-al temperatures will rev higher than ever. This leggy wonder babe is a tall, tough, and confident fuck machine. On Anna’s thick and pouty lips is the permanent promise of a wicked blowjob. Her tits are soft but solid D cups, her waist is thin, and her ass has both deadly curves and firm cheek action. Anna was born in Havana, Illinois, to parents of mixed ethnicities including German, Irish, and Native American. When she made her first foray into porn, she wanted everyone to feel her ferocious feral flavor. So she chose the name Anna Malle, because she’s a real animal in the sack. She loves it a bit rough and can also get hard and raunchy right back. Whether she’s gagging on a long schlong, or getting her tight pussy or tighter asshole stretched to the max, there’s no pummelling too big, thick, or rapid-fire that she can’t handle. Anna loves the ladies, too, so whether it’s the taste of salty sweaty pussy-sauce or thick, warm man-goo, she’s hot to trot and always ready to receive mouthfuls.
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Born: 1967-09-09
Birthplace: Havana, Illinois, United States
Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
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