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Annina Ucatis

Annina Ucatis

Annina Ucatis is famous for her modeling career, reality TV appearances, and her adult movies, but she’s especially notorious for two big reasons: her 42H breasts! Yes, folks, at 42H (and that’s no typo), this German sensation rocks one of the largest busts in the biz. Annina’s on a quest to have the biggest breasts in Europe. And even though she’s not listed for her accomplishment in the Guinness Book of Records (we checked), we here at Pornhub are willing to crown her the titty queen of her continent. Through the wonders of modern cosmetic surgery, she jumped from her natural C cups to D cups, and then, over the years, had further work done until achieving her wondrous H cups. Annina worked as a real estate agent and a part-time model until her dickhead boss fired her for her erotic pursuits and amazing giant tits. This turned out to be a blessing! It freed Annina up to start her own real estate agency (her business card actually has a pic of her mighty tits) and inspired her to get into the movies as a pornstar. Her hardcore work and unique backstory captured the public’s imagination, and she was hired as a contestant on the German version of “Big Brother”. That led to two further reality shows starring Miss Ucatis, with one focusing on her love life and the other on her real estate career. Television is all well and good, but we prefer her in sexier fare. Annina’s enormous breasts will certainly capture your attention, but let Pornhub be your gateway to discover what else she has to offer in her very hot scenes.
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Born: 1978-12-22
Birthplace: Bremerhaven, Germany
Height: 5 ft 4 in (162 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
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