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Azumi Mizushima
Azumi Mizushima
Azumi Mizushima once again proves that Japanese sluts are magical creatures who can transform the sweetest and cutest feelings into the nastiest and weirdest sexual hankerings. She looks like your typical porcelain Japanese doll – sensitive, shy, perfect skin and delicate demeanor. Once she gets a whiff of pussy, or sees the slightest bulge in a pair of pants, however, Azumi becomes a kinky little fuck hound who’ll squeal and scream and make all kinds of squeaky sounds until her holes have been properly excavated, followed by a warm serving of cunt sauce or man wad. For an Asian broad, Azumi stands out among her fellow Japanese playmates because she sports a healthy pair of soft, round tits. Her dirty pillows are the perfect haven where you could sleep for days in a never-ending wet dream. Her pussy, however, is proudly and typically Asian, with her dark tuft of black bush, nicely trimmed and never overgrown. Azumi started out in the Japanese AV scene when she was 20 years old, mostly doing scenes with cheesy plotlines and softcore erotica. Her natural horny demeanor eventually led her to serious hardcore, where she’d do some major deepthroating, ass licking, wild bukkake, and get pussy-pounded to oblivion. Azumi is an exceptional one-girl show for fans of hardcore Asian babes. She is a proud pleaser, a teaser, and a masterful cum extractor. “Eta-Dake-Mas,” or Enjoy!
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Born: 1988-10-12
Height: 5 ft 6 in (167 cm)
Weight: 0 lbs (0 kg)
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