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Brandi Mae

Brandi Mae

Brandi Mae can just as easily beat the hell out of you as she can fuck the hell out of you, and that’s exactly what some dudes want in a woman. Brandi can go pound for pound and punch for punch with the toughest guys, and she always dishes it back at them. Doing the heavy crotch-thrusting dance with Brandi is one workout that will leave you sore for days because she’s one of those stars who divides her time between fucking and bodybuilding. She is cut, fit, ripped and toned to the max. She’s also got one hell of a horny, devious mind, so she’s always mixing up working out and fucking as one and the same. Brandi is a true Dallas, Texas girl who learned early on that bigger and stronger is always better. Knowing that true Texans don’t take shit from anybody, Brandi keeps that attitude and brings it with her to California, where she does most of her pro fuck jobs. She’s often paired up with some of the other heavy-hitting power ladies in porn, like Ava Devine and Devon Michaels. You could only imagine what those ladies would do to a skinny, timid guy, so long as he has a big dick for them to gargle, handle and ram up their powerful twats. So if you’re fed up with passive chicks with skinny bodies and sensitive minds, it’s time to muscle up and man up to the wicked fuck force of Brandi Mae.
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Birthplace: United States
Height: 5 ft 1 in (155 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
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